15+ Latest Wedding Makeup Looks For Brides in 2021

beach wedding makeup
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15+ Wedding Makeup Looks To Try in 2021

Marriage is the most important event of a women’s life, so it is the desire of every woman to look unique and elegant on the biggest day of her life. In past, the bride was supposed to get ready at home with the help of her close friends, cousins, and other family members. Now, there are countless options to have one of the amazing wedding makeup looks. A variety of makeup techniques, makeup artists, and other accessories are available to create stunning wedding makeup looks. All your need is to find out good makeup artists to give you the makeup look your desire.

It is better to hire a makeup artist a month before your wedding. Makeup artists examine your skin type and give you treatment so that they can provide you best wedding makeup look on the big day of your life. Our collection represents your 15+ latest and trendy wedding makeup looks to try in 2021. So, choose any one makeup look and make your day memorable.

  1. HD Makeup

HD wedding makeup look hides the skin faults such as marks, open pores, scratches, and other deficiencies. This makeup looks gives the bride an unnatural look. Apply a heavy base that gives a little bit different tone as compared to your natural skin color.

Wedding Makeup Looks

  1. 3D Make up

3D makeup is the latest technique of applying makeup in which makeup artists try to pop some features. You emphasize is on your best features to give them a push. You can underscore your eyes, lips, chin, or nose by using the 3D technique.

3D wedding makeup look

  1. Airbrush Makeup

The airbrush makeup look is a new technique in which you spread spray evenly on the whole face very carefully. As compared to the traditional look, the airbrush wedding makeup look gives a lighter look. Because of its lightweight characteristic, this wedding makeup look is very light to carry.

AirBrush wedding makeup look

  1. Matte Makeup

As its name represents, you give a matte finish to your face. To get a matte makeup look it is necessary not to use any shine on your face. This makeup also removes the flaws of your face and gives a royal and majestic look.

Matte makeup look

  1. Mineral Makeup

The mineral makeup look is being used since the old days when people used to apply different colors to their skins for beautification purposes. Mineral makeup is not used most of the time, especially when talking about the wedding makeup look.

MIneral makeup

  1. Natural Minimal Makeup

As the name represents, you apply minimum makeup on your face as compared to other wedding makeup looks. You apply makeup to those features that you want to look prominent. You do not apply many bases, foundations, or concealers while creating minimal makeup look.

Natural Minimal Makeup

  1. Shimmer Makeup

Shimmer is a very shiny powder that gives shine to the part of the face where applied. Mostly applied on the part of the face which you want to highlight. It has become one of the multipurpose products that are being used by all age groups. Mostly used at the end of the makeup process to give a finishing look.

Shimmer Makeup

  1. Smokey Makeup

Smokey Makeup wedding Look gives the bride a dusky and smokey appearance. Use eyes shadow primers, Mascara, eyelashes, eyeliner, and eye pencil to create a smokey look. You can use any other color along with the black color. Use light lipstick colors when you are creating a smokey makeup look.

Smokey Wedding Look

  1. Dark Berry Lipstick Makeup

Use berry shade lipstick and eye shadow to create a dark berry lipstick makeup look. Apply soft eye shadow along with the combination of eyeliner. A little sparkle on the edge of the eye makes the makeup look even more attractive. Dark berry makeup gives a hot and attractive look.

Dark Berry Makeup

  1. Pretty Barbie Makeup

Create a barbie makeup look by using unique shades of baby pink color on the eyes, and lips. Pretty Barbie makeup look is not mostly used. It is not a famous makeup look but is never out of fashion.

Pretty Barbie Makeup Look

  1. Bronze Smokey Makeup

In Bronze smokey makeup, gold and bronze eye shadow with long eyelashes creates a unique smokey look. Deep shades create an even more classy and attractive bronze smokey makeup look. Use light shade lipstick when you are applying bronze smokey makeup.

Bronze Makeup Look

  1. Dramatic Wedding Makeup

Thick and full-size lashes are the base of dramatic wedding makeup. You can use eyeliner and team it in a smokey brown manner. If you have big eyes, you just need to put the eyeliner on the waterline of your eye. It will make your eyes look like pop. And if you have small eyes then you can apply liquid eyeliner to have a flick. It gives you a pop look.

Wedding Makeup Looks

  1. Bohemian Wedding Makeup

Bohemian wedding makeup gives a very soft and romantic feel. This makeup look is inspired by the nature. The bohemian wedding look is incomplete without flowers, braids, weaves, and greenery.

Bohemian Wedding Makeup

  1. Winter Wedding Makeup

In winter’s classic red lipstick looks awesome. Apply the creamy formula to get winter wedding makeup and a delicate smokey eye. It is a seasonal makeup type but like barbie makeup, winter wedding makeup it is also not out of fashion.

winter makeup look

  1. Beach Wedding Makeup

The Beach wedding look is inspired by the seaside themes. You can use blue, green, or violet eyeshades. Use different shades of red, purple, and similar colors to apply lipstick.  If the venue for your wedding is seaside or beach then selecting beach makeup for your wedding day will be a plus point for getting the perfect wedding makeup look for you.

beach wedding makeup

  1. Vintage Wedding Makeup

Vintage wedding makeup looks are never out of fashion. It comes back with a new and unique twist. There are different techniques, makeup products and colors are available to bring changes in old vintage makeup looks.

vintage wedding makeup

  1. Classic Makeup

Classic makeup is Hollywood-style makeup. It gives a sophisticated and elegant look to the bride. The main focus is on eyeliner, eyes brows, and eyelashes. The full look depends on the lip color too. The most famous and easy to apply to make is classic makeup. It gives a simple but elegant look to the bride. It is mostly used by simple women who do not feel easy to carry heavy makeup.

Classic Makeup Look

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