2 things Consumer Reports doesn’t satisfy about the Audi A6 2023

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Wapcar – Automakers often make only minor changes to their vehicle models each year. This is the case with the 2023 Audi A6, which Consumer Reports says is relatively unchanged from the 2022 version. For Audi, in spite of the Audi A6 price in Malaysia, the A6 changes didn’t solve two key problems.

Audi A6 2023 at a glance

Despite its flaws (more on that later), if you’re looking for a midsize luxury sedan, Consumer Reports recommends the Audi A6. CR reviewers praised the performance of the A6’s standard four-cylinder turbocharged engine and optional V6, as well as the smooth-running seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. They also appreciate his combined fuel economy of 26mpg, best in class for the 2023 BMW 530i.

The 2023 Audi A6 also boasts a luxurious interior and advanced safety features. The driver will be equipped with his 10.1-inch touchscreen, which is standard on all trims, as well as an 8.6-inch climate control display. But when you combine this with the 12.3-inch digital instrument display cluster (also standard on all trims), you get something truly special. Also available is a 360-degree camera system in Premium Plus trim and a head-up display in Prestige trim.

Last year’s A6 comes standard with automatic emergency braking and automatic high beams. But for the 2023 model year, another advanced driver assistance system, ADAS, will be added. — Adaptive Cruise Control — in all trims. Additional driver assistance systems such as blind spot detection and traffic sign recognition are available in optional packages.

Audi can’t fix 2 annoying problems

Adaptive cruise control is a great addition to the 2023 Audi A6. But the German automaker has failed to address some of the lingering problems that have plagued the 2022 model: acceleration/braking problems and limited storage space.

No one expected a mid-size luxury sedan to hit 100 km/h in less than three seconds. So the 6.8 seconds it takes, while not impressive, is by no means a surprise. What comes as a surprise to those new to the Audi A6 is the noticeable delay before the car accelerates. There is also a delay after applying the brakes, leading to unpleasant and risky rolling stops. This problem affects both powertrains. And unfortunately, even though the delays are in the 2022 version, they are still not fixed in the 2023 version.

Another area that Audi failed to improve on the A6 2023 is interior space. In other words, there are very few. There is a small space under the padded armrests of the front seats. There is also a trash can to the left of the steering column that the driver can access. But there’s no overhead compartment for sunglasses, and there’s nowhere the right size to store items inside the cabin. However, the spacious trunk (13.7 cubic feet) somewhat makes up for the lack of storage space in the cabin. But if you’re shelling out more than $60,000 for a sedan, you don’t have to look for places to store small belongings.

Despite this negligence, the Audi A6 2023 is priced

While Audi hasn’t fixed these annoying problems, it does offer small improvements on an already successful formula. In addition to adaptive cruise control, remote parking assist is now standard on Prestige trim and faux suede headliner trim on Allroad models. And honestly, there’s not much to fix other than acceleration/braking lag and an interior load deficit.

Consumer Reports not only praised the Audi A6 2023’s powertrain, fuel economy and features, but also praised the A6’s braking and handling in normal situations and emergency driving. . Minimal wind and road noise is also a strong point, although reviewers note that the V6 produces slightly less noise than the four-cylinder engine.

The A6 also gives drivers the premium interior they expect from a luxury vehicle, with a mix of wood, chrome and leather trim. And drivers and passengers will find the A6’s seats comfortable, with plenty of supportive cushions. In addition, front-seat drivers benefit from four-way lumbar adjustment.

Overall, the Audi A6 2023 is an excellent midsize luxury sedan. But the 2024 model could be nearly perfect if Audi finally fixes the acceleration and charging problems.

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