5 Best Android Apps For University Students

5 Best Android Apps For University Students
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Studying at a university became very easy after 2020 because of the improvement in technology. Everything useful for your university studies is available to download freely on the internet. You don’t need a good laptop to get those files, but your Android Phone is enough to carry every necessary app for your university studies. You can study things related to your courses on your Android Phone whenever you want to.

So the studying process has become easier, but which apps have enough potential to fulfil this need? The internet is packed with billions of Android Apps. Some apps have the potential to fill the necessary gaps. Like I want to study things related to Information Technology. When I search that on the internet, I’ll get loads of Android Apps that will provide information on Information Technology. But this thing can be completed by installing a single app. Some apps cover the entire course in one place, while others are divided into numerous dots. Every student prefers to get everything in one place. So that’s what this article is about.

Reading this article can help you save time and effort. You can download several apps on your Android Phone, but isn’t it beneficial to get everything in a single place? Surely, it is. For this, we’ll list the 5 Best Android Apps For University Students. These apps are widely known and have enough potential to provide numerous features in one place. So be ready because we’re about to reveal some interesting things useful for your studies.


5 Best Android Apps For University Students

So here is the list of the 5 Best Android Apps For University Students. You’ll never think to install any other app when these apps are installed on your Android Phone.

  1. StudySmarter
  2. Chegg
  3. Oxford Dictionary
  4. Grammarly
  5. OFF Time

You’ll never need any other app when you have these 5 apps installed because of their extraordinary potential in their features. We’ll review them individually to help you know about their potential, so let’s start with our first app StudySmarter.


If you have chosen multiple subjects in your course and installing other apps is not your preference, then StudySmarter is the best fit because it has organized everything in one place. If Computer Science, Math, and English are included in your course, then StudySmarter offers some better things. This app has figured out every subject in one place, and students can benefit from this. If you face Computer Science or Math problems, then StudySmarter will resolve your problems in less time because of its endless available courses.

StudySmarter offers endless books from trusted sources and helps you find the thing where you are stuck. Suppose I am stuck on finding an Algebra Question. I’ll type that Algebra issue in StudySmarter’s search box. That search box will give the best answer that will clear my problem. So this app has unlimited potential and is widely known by numerous students.


The 2nd app that answers every question related to your university studies is Chegg. This app gained popularity in a few years, and now it’s the favorite app of every university student. I have seen many students who can’t live without Chegg because of its extraordinary features. The best feature of this app is its answering power. People ask different questions about Chegg. Now getting Chegg answers is very easy.

You only have to submit the question where you are stuck. Chegg’s support team will answer that question in a very short time. So you don’t have to sit back and relax for a long time. You’ll get the answer after a few minutes of submission. It would be best to visit this page to get Chegg answers for free. Your questions will be answered through this website, and you don’t need to create an account on Chegg. So that’s the power of Chegg, and now comes the turn of our 3rd app.

Oxford Dictionary

The 3rd app on our list is Oxford Dictionary. Everyone knows Oxford because it’s the best brand for international students. Every international student wants to study at Oxford because it’s a branded university whose degree’s power is difficult to calculate. Getting jobs is easy for people who share Oxford degrees with employers.

So the Oxford Dictionary is for people who don’t know the sentence’s meaning. This thing happens with every student. If you see a difficult word in a particular paragraph, then understanding its meaning becomes difficult. But when you have this Oxford Dictionary installed on your Android Phone, this problem gets resolved because Oxford Dictionary provides every answer for the unknown words. Students with little knowledge of difficult words can resolve their problems through Oxford Dictionary.


Students who write essays and don’t want grammar errors to show up should install Grammarly. This is the best app used by every university student who has chosen the English subject for studies. Grammar errors in your essays and sentences can reduce your marks. Still, when you have installed Grammarly on your Android Phone, you should forget the marks reduction for grammar because Grammarly finds every single error in any paragraph. You can fix those errors with ease.

The best part about the Grammarly app is its integration into every corner of your Android Phone and Laptop. Even if you type a message on WhatsApp Plus APK, you’ll get to know the grammar errors in your chat box. That’s the power of Grammarly, and students shouldn’t submit their essays without pasting them into Grammarly to see the grammar errors.

OFF Time

Suppose you don’t want to waste your time by seeing unnecessary notifications. In that case, OFF Time should be your next install because it disables the useless notifications from the apps you set. Suppose I don’t want to receive message notifications from WhatsApp Plus while studying. I’ll put WhatsApp Plus on OFF Time’s radar. OFF Time’s radar will automatically prevent the messages from showing up.

You will never be disturbed by unnecessary notifications when you’ll install OFF Time. That’s what every student wants. No one wants to get irritated with useless stuff, and this OFF Time app can do this for you.

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