Adrenaline Rush Games Every iOS User Should Try Out

Adrenaline Rush Games Every iOS User Should Try Out
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Summers are dull and bring out incurable boredom in us unless we have some solid games in hand. Games that excite you and ignite the sleeping momentum that has gone to bed within us are the best and ideal ones to be experienced in these lazy hours.

The most thrilling games are bike racing ones, which are extremely popular on the app stores and rank higher in terms of being more user-friendly. However, there are other games as well that are equally good and bring an essence of diversity in the field of gaming. When coupled with devices using iOS processors, these games are put best to the grind and transformed into ten times more fun with no glitches and a super exciting immersive experience.

In the list below, let’s check out the top games that will force you to get off the bed and dive headlong into your Apple device. 


MPL Bike Racing

Bike Racing games are always fun, providing the best kind of rush when you feel dull at any time of the day. This bike racing game by MPL is the ultimate rendition of such a game where you can compete on a different level and think about doing things that previously had not been experimented with in mobile gaming. The game tests your level of expertise in handling a bike rather than simply on speed and lets you use the best intuitive controls where players can freely display their skills of using the accelerator and brake on time.

You experience the thrill of speed in the game due to the goal of getting the best time on the clock. The idea is to not give into the racing speed but use it in the most productive way possible by maneuvering through the traffic and regulating the brake and acceleration pedal as and when required.

With the added advantage of playing on an iOS platform, you can experience the game in a smooth interface which guarantees a fast, glitch-free experience. To get this bike racing game online from MPL, visit the app store and install it directly, or you can also go to their official website, whichever you deem more convenient.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Though the main games graced consoles over a decade ago, GTA has infiltrated the iOS market by coming out with a version that has developed tight controls that delivers the same game quality on your iOS device. 

This version is best suited for small screens yet promises to provide you with the same rush of gameplay you initially experienced in the larger format. The thrill of cop-chases and stealing cars to complete missions is packed into this handy format you can take anywhere with you.

The remarkable fact behind it is the top-down view that makes it even more enjoyable when you are busy dealing drugs and rampaging the city while making your way on the road to becoming the Top G!

GTA: Chinatown Wars is a good experience and will surely brighten your senses and energize you for the day after you have invested some hours playing it.

Among Us

Who could forget this game of rush and deception that became all the rage during the pandemic? In this game of space mystery nestled inside a spaceship, players have to find out the imposter who is sabotaging the ship and trying to kill off every astronaut at every other instance.

When you start the game, you must wait in a queue for players to arrive at the bay area, and the number of participants can be modified for each game to accommodate from four to fifteen players. Once the players have arrived, you’re taken on the ship, and one player among all is chosen as the imposter at random. The job of the imposter is to kill off every passenger on the aircraft without being detected. The challenge for the other players is to find out who is the imposter by the method of voting when suspicions among astronauts arise. The game is filled with suspense and keeps you on your toes, so it is best not to be fooled by the bright colors and the cute animation. The soundtrack also has eerie vibes, making the game a paradigm of perfect short-timed thrill.

Snowboard Party: World Tour

This game is based explicitly on skiing and is very close to the lines of a game where you need to perform the maximum skills. The player must make his way across the path by doing amazing tricks over man-made hurdles, boxes, logs, rails, and many other items you encounter along the path. The smoothness of the iOS platform gives you the best experience of this app and gives you complete control over the gameplay once you are in the flow.

The freestyling you can do here is unique to the game, with stellar animations bound to take your breath away. The soundtrack on these games is also pulsating and makes the game vibe even better with you; ergo, no need to think twice before jumping into this mad skill and race game made in the land of snow and ice. 

Final Thoughts

A fun fact about adrenaline rush games is that they directly affect the adrenal medulla gland due to a built-up tension caused due to trying to attain a specific goal in the game. This is fun when you are tired and not feeling motivated enough, and it helps make you more productive in real life. The games on this list do just that and more, so you must try them out on your Apple device while you have the time.