What should you do if you have a toothache in Pakistan 2023?

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Toothache can be a very uncomfortable sensation caused for various reasons. To ensure proper treatment, you should visit your Dentist in lahore as quickly as possible. We offer you some guidelines to reduce and ease the pain of your tooth.


What are the signs of toothache?

Are you feeling the beat of your heart, a painful throbbing sensation, and a feeling of sensitivity to heat or cold? You are likely suffering from a toothache. In the broad sense, it is “pulpitis,” which damages the dental pulp. Toothache results from an irritation of the pulp, which may extend to the nerve that runs through the tooth.

For the reasons behind the dental problem, it is possible to blame various factors, including cavities and tooth abscesses. The toothache is simply an inflammatory reaction to infection or inflammation and other dental damage. The intense pain from this Dentist in lahore problem can quickly make your sleep and work days miserable. That’s why your first reaction is to seek the dentist. While you wait, these guidelines can help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by toothache.

The scourge that is not a relic of the present

Before we discuss the ways to treat toothache, Let us go back briefly to the beginnings of the evil. Research has shown that toothache was a problem that existed in prehistoric times! Through the centuries, humans have had the opportunity to try a variety of strategies and methods to rid themselves of this recurring problem. In the caveman’s time, bits of flint and even plants were most likely employed.

But with less or more success. It wasn’t till the Middle Ages that man connected cleanliness and health. The medico-philosophical thinker of the day that he formulated, the Arab philosopher Avicenna, recommends cleaning your teeth to decrease the chance of suffering from toothache. A major step forward in the present! Since then, dental hygiene practices have remained a viable method for prevention. There are also other ways to treat toothache.

What can you do in the case of toothache?

If you notice tooth pain symptoms, Make an appointment with your Dentist in lahore immediately. Many patients delay treatment for a couple of days until the pain eases. But, this isn’t an option as it could recur with lesser or greater severity. A toothache is a permanent dental issue if it is not properly treated. Only a dentist can provide an accurate diagnosis and advise the patient.

If you’re not able to go to an emergency room, a few simple gestures can temporarily ease the discomfort of toothache :

  • Spread a thin layer of sensitive toothpaste on the affected region;
  • Choose an electric toothbrush that has soft bristles. Always begin with the tooth and move towards the gum line for brushing (two minutes each day twice);
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash two times each day.
  • Utilize mild analgesics made of codeine and paracetamol (over-the-counter at pharmacies, based on the advice of your pharmacist regarding the dose);
  • Have acupuncture sessions to reduce stress and pain;
  • Boil several cloves for around 10 minutes. Use the mixture as a mouthwash.

It was the physician Andre Vesale who first described the tooth’s structure around the time of the 16th century. In the 16th century, we were still referring to the tooth as an element of bone. His work was completed with the help of French Anatomist and surgeon Ambroise Pare who we owe an exact detail of the dental. He also recommends cloves as oil to ease tooth pain. If this spice can provide a natural soothing effect, it functions as an anesthetic because of the eugenol in it.


Unsurprisingly, it is important to note that treatment for toothache is an aspect of prevention. To prevent discomfort, it is essential to stay clear of infections like gingivitis and dental cavities. For this, you must complete brushing your teeth using dental floss, ideally at night. The use of floss is replaced with interdental brushes, either a dental jet or a water flosser. It eliminates food residues that cause dental plaque and the spread of bacteria.

Preventing it is more effective than treatment

The same person who says prevention recommends strict checking to ensure your health. To prevent toothache or oral discomfort, It is important to remember that it is advised to schedule an appointment with the dentist at least once per calendar year. Even when you feel that your mouth is healthy and you don’t have any indications, it is more beneficial to identify an issue at the first stage rather than be patient and wait for the signs to resolve it. If symptoms begin to manifest, the issue has likely been present for a long time.

Additionally, you should avoid eating food items that are sweet as you can and avoid snacking during meals. In this case, a Frenchman is the beginning of the connection to healthy dental health and less sugar consumption. The 18th century was when dentist Pierre Fauchard published a revolutionary publication titled Le Chirurgien Dentiste Or The Traite Of Dents. We know that the overconsumption of sugary food and drinks is a major factor in the growth of microorganisms and acid secretion. In today’s world, due to the magnitude of his contribution to science, Pierre Fauchard is widely considered to be the father of modern dentistry.

What, then, is the risk we are taking by not taking action in the case of toothache? The nerve in the tooth that is affected could be weakened and become necrotic. This means that the tooth is infected, and the issues may worsen. If tooth pain results from an infection, treatment with antibiotics can help to treat the issue rapidly and efficiently. Prevention and anticipation are the most important words to ensure healthy oral health, best dental surgeon in lahore.

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