Diamond Nails

diamond nails
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Diamond nails refer to a type of artificial fingernail product and service offered at nail salons. Some key points about diamond nails:

  1. Diamond nails are a brand of acrylic or gel artificial nails that have small diamond particles or glitter mixed into the nail product to give a sparkly appearance.
  2. Multiple nail salons around the United States use the name “Diamond Nails” and offer diamond nail services, such as in Honolulu, Austin, San Antonio, and Mount Airy.
  3. The diamond nail product can be sculpted into various nail shapes and designs, and polished or painted as desired to give a glamorous, eye-catching look.
  4. Applying diamond nails involves using an acrylic or gel product that adheres to the natural nail and hardens under UV or LED lamps. It provides length and strength to natural nails.
  5. The YouTube video shows a woman testing out diamond nail products and getting a full set of acrylic diamond nails applied at a salon, showing the process and result.
diamond nails

Benefits of getting diamond nails

  1. Exfoliation and microdermabrasion: Finely ground diamond particles can provide exfoliation and brightening effects on the skin and nails when applied topically, acting as a microdermabrasion treatment.
  2. Durability and strength: Diamond nails are a form of acrylic or gel artificial nails that can provide more durability and strength compared to natural nails.
  3. Aesthetic appeal: Diamond nails provide a glamorous, sparkly appearance due to the small diamond particles or glitter mixed into the nail product. This lustrous look is seen as visually appealing by some.
  4. Less odor: Diamond nail products are claimed to have less odor compared to some other acrylic nail products.

However, some downsides are that the benefits may be superficial and temporary since the diamond particles do not penetrate the skin or nails, and are washed off when removing the nails. Additionally, there is little evidence on the concentration of diamonds needed to provide measurable benefits. Still, diamond nails remain popular for their aesthetic, glitzy look.

What is the cost of getting diamond nails?

There is some variation in the pricing for getting diamond nails, but some typical price points are:

At Diamond Nails in Margate, FL, a set of diamond nails costs $70.

The Diamond Nails Salon in Australia lists a full set overlay on natural nails with diamond nails for AUD 55, and a full set with tips for AUD 60.

The prices at Diamond Nails & Spa in Tampa, FL include:

  • Acrylic full set with standard square diamond nails, medium/long length: $49.50+
  • Encapsulated diamond nails with custom designs, small length: $54+
  • Encapsulated diamond nails with custom designs, medium/long length: $63+

So in summary, it looks like a basic full set of diamond acrylic or gel nails tends to range from $50-USD 70 at most salons based on the search results. However, pricing can vary depending on factors like nail length, shape, custom designs, and local market rates. Additional services like manicures or pedicures would be extra. The Tampa salon specifically advertises 10% discounts on some diamond nail services.

In summary, “diamond nails” refers to a sparkly artificial nail service that contains actual small diamond particles or glitter to create a glamorous nail look. It is offered as an acrylic or gel nail enhancement service at specialized nail salons across the country.

diamond nails