How to get Instagram Real Likes

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Instagram is one of the biggest pictures and videos shared on social media platforms today. Instagram’s ability to own their accounts where they can share pictures about their daily life or brands has made many people consider joining Instagram. 

The thing about Instagram is that the more followers, likes, views, and comments you have, the more famous you are. If you are famous on Instagram, you have a high chance of being selected by top brands to market their products. Or if you own a business account and many people follow you, you have a high probability of making profits.

The biggest question that most people find difficult to execute is how to get many likes on Instagram. Because it doesn’t make sense that you are a celebrity with 400K followers, but you only get 3000 likes. 

Something has to be done to correct that. Plus, the more engagement you have on your Instagram account, the more likely you will attract followers and likes.


What can you do to get more Instagram likes?

  • High-quality pictures

Someone once said that if you want to feel rich, take a good picture with a good phone and post it on Instagram, and everyone will assume you are rich. The trick to getting more Instagram likes is the quality of the picture you take. If you invest in a good camera and lighting and buy new and fashionable clothes, you have a high chance of getting more likes on your Instagram pictures. Taking good pictures will result in your page getting more followers in the long run.

  • Post regularly

It has been proven that Instagram accounts that post regularly on posts or stories have more audience than those that don’t. The fact behind this is that people like keeping up with the latest fashion, tour, gossip, or news you have; somehow, many people care about the things you share with them. If your audience knows that you share content frequently, they are likelier to put on your page notifications, and every time you post a picture, they will automatically like it. Thus more likes for you, especially if they reshare the picture.

  • Post when your followers are online

Instagram came up with metrics to see which people form your most significant audience, either male or female and from which countries and areas they follow your content. It also shows the exact time most of your followers are active during the day. If you know what time of the day your followers are most active, you have a higher chance of getting more likes when you post.

  • Interact with your audience

Interacting with your audience is the secret to getting more likes on your Instagram. When you interact with your audience by liking their comments or responding to them, they will have the notion that you care about their insights, and when you post, they are more likely to like your pictures.

  • Have a good profile description

Your profile should describe what your page is all about. If it’s about fashion, traveling, dancing, make-up, or football, ensure that you add that specific description to your account. This will help drive the right audience interested in that particular subject. If you post regularly concerning that particular topic of discussion, you are more likely to get more likes.

  • Buy Instagram likes

Buying Instagram likes from social media promotion services like let you buy real Instagram likes at affordable prices. When you buy Instagram likes, you have a high chance of growing your Instagram channel fast. Most sites allow you to buy real likes and other bots. Buying real likes can help secure your social media account from being blocked.

What are the benefits of buying Instagram likes?

  • Saves time

Buying Instagram likes saves time one would otherwise spend trying to make videos to help grow the account. Buying Instagram likes can grow your account within 48 hours which might not be the case with natural growth.

  • Improve visibility

Buying real Instagram likes improves the visibility of your account since more people will like your pictures, and people on Instagram will see that many people love your content. In return, your account will get many visitors and become famous.

  • It helps make money

Buying Instagram likes can help you make money. This is because having many real likes on your photos and videos will show many brands that you have a huge following. This will make you get paid partnership deals, in which you advertise the brand’s products, and in return, you will make good money from the partnership.

  • It helps grow your brand.

If you have a business Instagram account and buy real Instagram likes, many people will know that your brand is trusted, and thus they will go ahead and buy your products. This will help grow your brand.

FAQs about buying Instagram likes?

Is buying Instagram likes legal?

Yes, buying Instagram likes is legal. You can buy real likes whenever you need.

Will my account be suspended if I buy Instagram likes?

Make sure you buy Instagram likes from reputable sources. Otherwise, you are more likely to have your account suspended.

How much is the cost of buying real Instagram likes?

The prices range between standard and premium, while others cost 10$ for 1000 likes or even higher.

How fast will I get real Instagram likes after buying?

It depends on the number of orders you have placed and the particular site. But mostly, delivery takes 24-48 hours.

Buy a real Instagram likes pricing list.

The prices for buying likes are very fair from various sites and range as follows.

  • 1000 likes – 10$
  • Standard package – 69$ per month.
  • Premium package – 200$

Some sites have a ten-day free trial after signing up.


Instagram can be a good site for promoting your brand or building yourself as a blogger. Buying real Instagram likes can help you benefit from so many things. Choosing the right site, like, will help take your Instagram account to the next level.