How To Start Page Numbering From A Selected Page In Ms. Phrase

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Numbering the pages of your Word document is regularly beneficial. But what ought you do if the primary page is a cowl page and the second consists of a list of contents?

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In that case, you may want to begin numbering from the 1/3 web page.


MS Word is notably flexible with web page numbering. But you have to divide your file into sections. This will let you range each phase independently.


We’ll show you the way to begin web page numbering from a specific page. We’ll use easy, step-by-step instructions.


Let us begin.

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Step #1: Open A Word Document

Open the Word report which you need to begin numbering.

Step #2: Create Sections

Navigate to the ultimate page after which you want to start numbering.


(This could be page 2 or the listing of elements in our example).


To exchange the ribbon, click on the Layout tab within the top menu bar.

In the Page Setup segment, click the Breaks icon.

This will open a menu for web page breaks and segment breaks.


Click on Next Page below Section Breaks.

Word will insert a section wreck and start a brand new phase on the subsequent web page.


The cursor might be on the beginning web page of the new phase.

Step #3: De-Link The Current Section To The Previous Sections

Double click inside the footer segment at the bottom of the page.

A New Tab Header & Footer Tool will seem within the pinnacle menu bar.


There will be a secondary tab layout at the bottom of the brand new tab.


Click on the Design tab.

In the Navigation phase, click the hyperlink from the previous icon to deselect it.

Word has now de-connected the modern-day segment from the previous one.

Step #4: Format The Page Number

To alternate the ribbon, click on the Insert tab inside the pinnacle menu bar.

In the Header and Footer segment, click on the icon Page Number.

This page opens a dialog box for the quantity layout.


For the proper Number Format, you may pick the type of page numbering you need.


If your file incorporates chapters, you can click on it to pick out Include Chapter Number.


As we start numbering a brand new section, below Page numbering, click Start at: and sort 1 in the field to the proper. (This will deselect Continue from the preceding section).


Click on the OK tab at the lowest to go out of the dialog box.

Step #5: Start Page Numbering

To alternate the ribbon, click on the Insert tab within the top menu bar.

In the Header and Footer section, click the Page Number icon.


In the menu that opens, hover over the bottom of the web page.

This opens a list of built-in Simple Page Numbers.


Select Page Number 1 to show the page-wide variety on the left aspect of the web page.

Select page quantity 2 to show the page variety inside the center of the page.

Select Page variety three to show the page-wide variety at the proper facet of the page.

Let’s select web page no 1.


Word introduces page numbering on the left aspect of the web page.

At the top of your file, you may see a ‘Close’ option, which lets you exit Header and Footer settings and go back into your file.


We have shown you the way to start page numbering from a specific page in MS Word, in easy steps.


Follow those steps to number your pages in your chosen layout and series.

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