Increase the power of distributor management software by CRM integration 

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As you know, the distributor management system is an integral component of the manufacturing industry in which a number of distributors work under the retailer network. Visibility of secondary and primary sales has given the power to the companies to use the strategy for delivery of goods on time to the distributors, retailers, and dealers. And manufacturers must have a strong relationship with dealers, retailers, and distributors. CRM ( customer relationship management)  is very beneficial under integration.  

A CRM is responsible for automating and streamlining communication with distributors and retailers. They always make sure to maintain consistency and engagement in their integration work. 

Further, you get the information on the benefits that are made after the integration of the DMS with the CRM.  Let us  move more towards the same topic.  


Expectations from the good CRM and DMS integration 

There are some particular features that you have to look after the CRM or DMS integration that meets the following feature or not.  

Auto sync of retailer and distributor master data 

Retailers and distributors are important customers for manufacturers. The master data of retailer and distributor should be automatically synced and easily flow from the DMS to CRM. The data contains all the details such as beat planning, zone, city, and contact details.  

Full feedback system 

Along with the data sync of the retailers and distributors in CRM, your integrated CRM  should also have to make calls to the partners who are involved in the supply chain and get feedback from the on-order and sales. In this way, the organization will create a strong build with the partners and also become more robust with the calling process. It also helps to maintain the full records of all conversations with supply chain partners.  

Complaint management 

 The executive of the customer relationship should have to raise the ticket under the distributor management system and immediately talk to the concerned manager.  

Analytics and call logs 

All the conversation information, such as previous call logs, meetings, interactions, etc., stored in the integrated system can give effectiveness in the visibility of customer relationship management. It can also offer powerful insights regarding the calls per day.  

Email marketing 

An additional benefit of the integration of CRM  with DMS is the contact possibility to the retailers and distributors by delivering the Emails directly from customer relationship management. It can also able to send emails, texts, and messages to retailers and distributors related to ongoing promotions, schemes, and other offers.  


In this article, you will get the details on the integration of the CRM into the DMS. From the above facts related to the CRM and DMS integration, it is concluded that their integration gives access to the top features in the distributor management system that are not possible by the separate exploitation of both two. The best thing is that it accelerates the company’s growth and reaches a great level.  


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