Requirements to study English abroad: everything you need to know

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If learning English is important to you and you have considered studying it in another country, you should know more about all the requirements to study English abroad.

Some of the favorite places to learn English are Australia and New Zealand, two incredible countries to perfectly practice this language. There is a wide variety of English courses abroad that you can think about your real needs. In this article we will tell you about the general requirements that are required abroad to study English.

Academic requirements to study English abroad

Each country has rigorous legal documentation that is required to be able to study language courses, therefore, some requirements may vary depending on the country chosen to study English.

So after you are clear about your study destination, according to the objectives you want to achieve or your interests in terms of the experience you want to live, you should consider what the requirements are.

In general terms, there is a standard documentation required to apply to study English abroad that you must take into account.

Choose an institution and English course

It is key that you understand all the types of English courses abroad and define which one is the right for you.

Then you can choose English schools. All English schools abroad, especially in Australia and New Zealand offer a unique experience as they have modern facilities and are very well located. In addition to this, they have a wide variety of extracurricular activities and programs in an international environment with students from various cultures.

You can start from the basic or intermediate level of English depending on your current level and then focus on more technical English depending on your field of work such as business English programs.

Have documentation that supports your prior knowledge

If you already have some knowledge of English, it is ideal that you start your course from the most suitable level for you.

In fact, some schools that teach English abroad require a test to assess your current level of knowledge of the language. This is beneficial for you, because you won’t have to start from scratch if you already have a certain domain.

Additionally, if you want to enter an English program for specific purposes such as English for engineering or business, you need to demonstrate at least an intermediate level.

Motivation letter

The motivation letter is addressed to the center where you will study, it is key among the requirements to study English abroad. This letter is completely personalized and its objective is to clearly express the interest you have in studying within the training center to which you are applying.

It must be a clear writing where you let the institution know why you are interested in studying English, what you like about the program and the country you have chosen. Express what you expect from this experience and show that it will really contribute to your future and help you to contribute to others.

Apply for the chosen English course

If you have already prepared all the required documentation, all that remains is to apply to the program that interests you.

As we mentioned before, depending on the program you choose, you will need a certain level of previous English. Applying to a general English course is not the same as applying to an English course for academic purposes.

Visa requirements to study abroad

Each country may require specific procedures to apply for a student visa, therefore, this will always vary depending on each nation, but in general, the requirements to be met to obtain this type of visa are the ones that we will see below.

Valid passport

In some countries they will ask for your biometric or electronic passport. It must be valid for the entirety of your stay, so that you can travel and study English abroad.

Certification of your enrollment in the English program

Once you have applied to an English program at an institution, you will need to have an acceptance letter that supports enrollment by the school.

This registration is usually done online and you can already have it insured before going to study English.

Demonstrate that you have the necessary resources to cover your stay expenses

These are documents to verify that you have sufficient financial means to cover your stay in the country while you study.

For example, you will be able to have your bank statements with the necessary balance to cover your expenses. The required monthly value varies depending on the destination you want to travel to.

In case the application is rejected, there are some measures where you can claim or add documents that may be necessary. To do this, you must personally attend an appointment at the embassy and present your case.

International health insurance

Another fundamental requirement that is requested during the stay abroad is to have health insurance coverage. It is a prevention requirement, while you study abroad. Generally, the houses of study have medical services for the student that can help you comfortably.

Additional recommendations for studying English abroad

When you decide to study English abroad, from our experience we have found that these keys will make your life easier and avoid headaches.

Define your budget to study English abroad

Having your budget clearly defined before starting this project will make it easier for you to define which is the ideal destination for you, as well as what kind of experience you need.

For example, you could choose a destination that allows you to study English and work. Additionally, a budget will allow you to successfully pay your stay expenses.

Start the process well in advance

Do all the paperwork with enough time and preparation. Consider starting 6 months before the date you plan to travel to study English, so you won’t have any hassle and you will avoid inconveniences.

If you have the support of a study agency, it will be much easier, since they are experts in these processes.

Look for accommodation before arriving at the destination

Once you have defined the country where you want to study, you can go through the options. This is key to have it ready before traveling to the country where the English studies will take place.

A recommendation in this sense is that you reserve a couple of weeks in a hostel, so that when you arrive you have a place defined in advance, but you can look for better alternatives already being in the destination.

Study and practice the language a bit before traveling

They say that a prevented person is worth two! and this is not the exception. You can go practicing some basic phrases with key and everyday words that you may need to be able to communicate as soon as you arrive in the country where you will study the English program.


You have endless advantages that you can take advantage of when studying English abroad. Getting to know a number of cultures and people that will lead you to express yourself fluently within the country and will open up great opportunities for you.

Without a doubt, you will improve your working conditions by climbing to the positions you deserve with a salary that matches the acquisition of these new skills.

And to achieve this, the first step is to know the requirements to study English abroad. We have told you everything you need to know, now go ahead and find the ideal country for you and give that twist to your life that you have been looking for so much.