Sunglasses for Women: 2 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pair

Sunglasses for Women
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Eyes looking straight ahead, you sashay down the avenue and feel the weight of people's
stares. You lap up the attention. After all, you know your look's on point. Your black shirt dress,
cinched by a metal buckle Gucci belt, works so well with your nude pumps and beige Dior
saddle bag. The Oliver Peoples Adès sunglasses for women that you have on provide the final
(and perfect) styling touch.
Actually, even if you are wearing jeans, a white shirt, and trainers instead of the refined
ensemble you currently have on, you know you will still attract admiring gazes as long as you
have your sunglasses on. It's the shades that lend you an air of mystery and sophistication.
Indeed, if you've ever found yourself out of styling ideas, slap on a pair of sunnies, and you
should be good to go.
Of course, this only applies if your shades look good on you. Read on for tips on how to find
sunglasses that suit you.

1. Find a shape that complements your face.

You wouldn't don a dress that doesn't fit your frame, would you? You probably won't wear a
dropped waist dress if you have short legs or a disproportionately long torso. By the same logic,
why would you wear shades that don't complement your face shape?
The first rule of finding sunglasses that will look good on you is to choose sunglasses with a
frame that contrasts with the shape of your face. In other words, you don't want round frames
on a round face, square frames on a square face, rectangular frames on a rectangular face —
you get the gist.
Here are some recommendations on the best sunglasses according to face shape. Note that
these are broad guidelines. If you have a round face and round frames look good on you, by all
means, go ahead and get those sunnies. In the end, everything boils down to personal tastes
and preferences.

Round Face

Round faces look soft and curvy. They barely have any angles.
If you want to imbue your face with more angles and give the illusion that your face is longer
and more defined than it actually is, go for angular frames.
Best glass shapes for round faces: square, rectangle, wayfarer, wrap, shield-type, oversized,
geometric (thick frames)

Square Face

A square face looks as long as it is wide. It typically looks sharp and angular, characterized by a
strong, defined jawline and a wide forehead.
If you have a square face, you may want to soften your face and give it some gentle curves.
Thus, you should go for rounder frames.
Best glass shapes for square faces: round, aviator, cat-eye, oval (thin frames)

Oval Face

An oval face looks long and narrow. In other words, the length of the face is greater than its
width. It is gently rounded and curved. However, the chin and the forehead are slightly
narrower than the cheeks. The length of the face also gives it excellent balance and symmetry.
An oval face looks good with almost any shape of sunglasses.
Best glass shapes for oval faces: square, rectangle, wayfarer, aviator, round, cat-eye, oversized
(thin and thick frames)

Rectangle Face

Like an oval face, a rectangle face is longer than it is wide. However, it is more angular. It has a
defined jawline, a broad forehead, and cheeks that are almost as wide as the jaw and the
Best glass shapes for rectangle faces: aviator, round, cat-eye, oval, oversized (thick frames)

2. Find a color that complements your skin tone.

So you got sunglasses that complement your face shape. How come something still looks and
feels off?
Skin tone is probably the answer to your question. Not only must your sunglasses suit your face
shape, but the lens color and frame must also complement your skin tone.
There are two skin tone types: warm and cool. You can use the general guidelines below when
shopping for the right color. However, if you find sunglasses that complement your skin tone
and color incredibly well even though it contradicts what the guidelines say, go with what you
see in the mirror.

Warm Skin Tone

If you have a warm skin tone, you probably tan when exposed to the sun. You also likely have
brown or black hair and eyes, and your veins look green through your skin. Additionally, you
probably look great in jewel-toned (ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue) clothes, and you
glow in gold jewelry.
Best colors for warm skin tone: red, brown, orange, gold, yellow, fiery and jewel-toned colors

Cool Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone, you probably burn when exposed to the sun. You also likely have
blonde or light-colored hair and blue, green, or silver-colored eyes. Your veins look blue

through your skin. Moreover, you probably look great in pastels. Silver, white gold, and
platinum jewelry probably look good on you.
Best colors for cool skin tone: white, pink, silver, green, blue, pastels

Choosing Women’s Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. Put them on, and they immediately lend panache to any
outfit. Just make sure to wear a pair that suits your face shape and your skin tone, and you
should be all set.

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