10 Eyeliner Tips & Hacks That Can Change Your Life

Eyeliner Tips
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Every makeup user’s first love is eyeliner. Even though it was arguably the first makeup item we ever purchased, it remains an essential part of our daily regimen. Does an appearance even exist without eyeliner? It’s a versatile tool that allows you to change how you glance. The possibilities are unlimited. It can be dark and smoky for a smouldering effect or a bright, fresh, energetic image. Your features are quickly boosted by a fantastic eyeliner wing, which also enlarges and enhances your eyes. However, if done incorrectly, it can make your eyes appear tired, droop, and drag down your face.

Among the extensive list of necessary makeup abilities, learning how to apply eyeliner online is undoubtedly on the list! A deadly wing completely changes the game since it elevates your gaze and makes someone appear larger. But if done incorrectly, it can give you tired eyes – please proceed!

Eyeliner may instantly transform your appearance from basic to spectacular. For work, you can go with a more straightforward liner look and add a wing to carry you into the evening. To assist you in moving from amateur to expert as rapidly as possible, a tonne of hacks are available. Here are some effective eyeliner tricks that we have tried and tested.


Eyeliner Tips & Hacks

Here we have listed 10 tips and hacks of applying eyeliner are:

1. Prime a Lids

Oils can break down even the most durable makeup. The eyeliner has a tough time remaining in place for more than a few hours on greasy eyelids. Avoid applying thick moisturisers or eye lotions just before applying eyeliner. Prime the lids as well, whether or not you are wearing eyeshadow. If you don’t have an eyeshadow primer, you may alternatively use a face primer or concealer to do this. After that, use your preferred translucent powder to set everything in place. After that, apply eyeliner as you normally would.

2. Shape it with a tape

Try out simple tricks like using a piece of tape as a guide while applying eyeliner or using a card or tube’s straight edge to create wings. And, of course, the trusty Q-tip trick is always ready to come to the rescue!

3. Go with a Pencil First

If you’re a beginner, begin lightly drawing your eyeliner’s contour with a pencil. As was already indicated, pencil eyeliners, also known as kajal, are the simplest to use and facilitate the application of subsequent liquid or gel liners. In case of a mess, pencil liner is simpler to clean up. Keep in mind that a sharp pencil tip will allow for exact application. These tips will produce larger than expected lines and cause a mess to clean up. Make sure your advice is nice and sharp to avoid raccoon eyes.

4. Don’t Let an Eyeliner Mishaps Worry You

When we begin something new in cosmetics, mistakes are inevitable. And when we try something as complicated as eyeliner, it’s no different. Even makeup artists may make flawless eyeliner mistakes. When eyeliner goes wrong, it’s essential to maintain your composure and not lose it. Use a Q-tip or earbud to wipe it after dampening it with makeup remover. It’s that easy! Continue trying, and don’t give up.

5. Transform a Look

Let’s not forget one of the most overlooked colours while discussing eyeliners: white! Considering all the advantages it provides, white eyeliner is undervalued. We are all familiar with the waterline technique to enlarge our eyes. But are you aware of the white eyeliner-based phoney brow lift? Apply a small amount of matte white eyeliner on your brow bone and mix it in. By doing this, your eyebrows will instantly look lifted and highlighted just underneath them. To keep your secret a secret, be careful not to blend it in with your brow hair.

6. Don’t stretch; look down

It’s a big no to tug on eyelids while applying eyeliner. Even if the wing is perfect, it still causes more harm than you might realise. This is because your eye area’s skin is extremely fragile and has to be treated with care. When applying eyeliner, we need to take a tiny downward gaze and softly trace along a lash line to achieve fantastic wings. This produces excellent results without the fine lines brought on by tugging.

7. Create a Quick Smokey Eye Hashtag Symbol

Do you want the ideal smoky eye? All you need is a favourite eye pencil! The consequences of this hack will astound you, and it scarcely takes time:

  • On the outside, at the end of your eyes, smudge the # symbol with a brush.
  • Keep a pigment on your eye’s outer corner and mix until there are no more precise lines.
  • Smudge a dark shade down the bottom lash line to finish the smokey eye after adding a shimmery hue to the inner corner of the eye.

8. Smoke and Smudge!

Adding more smoke to the eyes. Apply kohl or pencil liner to the bottom and top lash lines and smudge it with a smudger brush, a Q-tip, or a finger for a seductive appearance. Blend until the liner is completely blended out, and you have stunning smokey eyes. Apply black kajal to your top and bottom water lines to finish this look.

9. Line up your Eyes

If you’re an expert with eyeliner, try tightlining while dragging a pencil liner. To develop this incredibly seductive style, start using your usual eyeliner to draw a precise wing. Next, use a liquid eyeliner with the tip of a brush applicator for accuracy. Once that’s done, create a clean, tiny wing a la the foxy trend by dragging your eyeliner to the inner corners. A kajal should now be used to tight line eyes. If something goes wrong, utilise the tried-and-true cotton bud method.

10. Dots to be connected

The race is won by steadiness and pace. And yes, even eyeliner falls within that umbrella! It never works out when you try to apply mascara across a top lash line in a straight line. Instead, start with stamping dots down your lash line; get close to lashes, if possible, for a clean and fuss-free eyeliner application. Please go through it where you need your liner to terminate, starting from the inner corner. Connect the dots once you have your outline, and there you have it! You succeeded. A Q-tip makeup remover will come in helpful if you’ve coloured outside the lines.