10 Types and Styles of Sofas

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They’re the focal point of our living rooms and they’re what we sink into at the end of a tough day – so it’s important to get your sofa the way you like it. Of course, a comfy sofa is a priority, but the style you go for will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your living room. So browse our fantastic collection for a wide variety of choices. From traditional to contemporary, we’ve got you covered with stunning, 10 types and styles of sofas.


Leatherette sofa

We use only the best upholstery materials to guarantee a long life for each of our furniture pieces. Just run your hand over the smooth, sleek texture of our modern leatherette sofa and see how difficult it is to pull your hand away! These gorgeous works of living room art have been meticulously crafted to combine optimal comfort with maximum longevity. Of course, it’s all capped off with a bright, dazzling aesthetic. You’ll barely be able to look away from our modern fabric sofas, let alone get up off them! Who’s kidding who, you can definitely afford to relax for a few more minutes.

Some people have rearranged their sectionals so that they could use one piece as a side table while reclining on the cushions. Others have them organized around a television or a stereo. These pieces are explicitly designed so that you can move them around in a number of different combinations without running into problems.

Sectional sofa

Sectionals tend to work best in larger living spaces or in apartment-style, open-plan spaces where the back of the sofa can act as a divider between the kitchen and living room. Like modular couches, many sectionals can also be divided into separate pieces or rearranged into slightly different configurations.Modular and sectional sofas can appear very similar. And, honestly, that’s because they are. But there are slight differences. A modular couch can be added to and rearranged at any time. Whereas sectionals tend to be sofas that are built with multiple sections.

Convertible sofa bed

Much like a sofa bed or futon, a convertible sofa bed is a multi-purpose sofa that can easily transform into a bed. You can utilize it as a traditional sofa, as a trundle, a queen bed or just to lounge watching a movie with your feet up. Some sofa styles have been around for hundreds of years, and the styles considered traditional

Deep seat sofa

Deep seat couches have become increasingly popular over recent years. If you enjoy cuddling up with family or snuggling up with a book, you’ll love a deep-seat sofa. Deep-seated sofas are popular right now because they are the perfect place to lounge up. With many families at home, the sofa has become the central gathering place.

Fabric sofas

Fabric upholstery has a few special advantages to offer as well. These fabric sofas have a tendency to be much more comfortable than those made from other materials. Overall, the fabric is softer and warmer in most months. Those who are in hot climates will still enjoy an advantage here as well.

Fabric doesn’t get hot and sticky the way that other upholstery work might, which is a major benefit for those who have to deal with severe humidity on a daily basis. While fabrics are can bear an unlimited variety of patterns and textures, our focus has always been distinctly modern styles. If you want to make a dramatic statement with a stark piece of furniture, then you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Modular sofa

Made up of a number of individual pieces the modular sofa is versatile and adjustable. Each moveable part often called sections or modules can be arranged into a shape to fit in most living spaces. Whether you need to accommodate a growing family, or just want to rearrange your living room and mix things up, modular sofas can be easily extended or downsized. Modular couches tend to be arranged into L or U-shaped layouts, though sometimes individual sections can also be used as standalone pieces such as footstools.

L shaped sofa

This type of sofa comes with back support along the longer side of the L. This style comes with a wooden frame and legs or a more modern approach with upholstered modular blocks. However, nowadays it also comes in sectional design furniture so that it can be pulled apart to make necessary seating arrangements. The design of the L-shaped sofa allows you to create more space where you need it.

These sofas are known to be functional and space-efficient. They practically double your seating options without occupying a lot of extra space compared to a regular sofa. You will be spending a lot less on an L-shaped sofa and still have enough space to seat more people. Also, if you get bored with the color or the look of your L-shaped sofa set, you just have to change the upholstery or add a few colorful cushions luxury cushion covers to bring a new look to the living room.

Sofa cum bed

As the name suggests, a sleeper sofa is a sofa that can be converted into an Italian bed. It’s pretty straightforward, but there are numerous styles of sleepers. A sofa cum bed is a bed that’s inside a sofa. These sofas tend to house a foldable bed frame inside of them that can be rolled out to form a bed once the sofa cushions have been removed. So typically, sofa beds are designed to lay flat to create a mattress to sleep on. Whereas a sleeper sofa has a bed frame or mattress concealed within it.

Low seated

Low Seated sofas tend to have a minimalist aesthetic but can look great in almost any room. Often featuring low backs, and plump, comfortable cushions that are connected to the sofa base. This comfortable, inviting sectional with low, deep seats features high-density down-wrapped foam cushions.


The perfect type of sofa for small spaces and couples, a loveseat is a couch designed to seat two people. The main difference between a loveseat and a normal sofa is simply its size. When purchasing a loveseat it’s important to think about how it’ll be used.

If it’s a secondary seating option for two people, that’s perfect. But if you might want more space for guests, or a sofa that’s great for napping, then a loveseat might not be the best choice. Loveseats are prominent in living rooms across the world because they are super stylish and offer extra seating without taking up too much space.

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