12 Cool Gifts to Ease them Into Retirement

Gifts to Ease
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Most everybody looks forward to retirement. Being able to sleep in a little later and make your time your own has appeal for all of those folks who work at the daily grind. It can also be a time of self-reflection and renewal. Below are some cool and thoughtful gifts to give your friend for their retirement that will help them jump into their new lifestyle with both feet!

  • Life’s Real Journey Picture Frame. Available at Wayfair, the Arydale Life’s Real Journey, Retire Picture Frame is an elegant wooden frame with the words “Life’s real journey begins at retirement” layered on the wood. It’s all ready for the retiree’s favorite picture of them enjoying their long awaited retirement.
  • Gratitude Tree. This unique and interesting gift makes it easier to express gratitude and appreciation, something that may have been difficult during their working years. Now that life’s pace is slowing, they can hand write what they are grateful for on the little green slips of paper and place them in the nooks of the gratitude tree for a visual representation of their gratitude.
  • Visa Gift Card. Retirement is a stage in life where an individual may feel like the world opens up to them. The gift of a Visa Gift Card is an exceptional offering for them to choose whatever they like. Ski boots? A turntable? A great sauté pan? Whatever their interests, they’ll find the perfect item for them wherever Visa is accepted, all over the world. Plus, you can personalize it with a great photo of the two of you and bespoke text stating your congratulations.
  • Sloggers Waterproof Shoe. The beauty of a waterproof shoe is you didn’t know you even needed one until you have one! The Sloggers Waterproof Comfort Shoe comes in a variety of patterns that are sure to make a big ‘splash’ with your retiree who might now be interested in wading through tidal pools, gardening or just kicking through mud puddles in the rain.
  • Floppy Hat. No doubt, your retiree will be spending a lot more time in the sun. They will want to celebrate that fact (and take a little cover) with the Out of the Office Embroidered floppy beach hat available on Etsy. Choose from a variety of hat and thread colors to personalize it just for them.
  • Retired Definition Coffee Mug. As much as they’ve been looking forward to this next stage in their life, there might come a morning when they wake up and forget they are retired! This Retired definition mug will set them straight during their morning cup of Joe.
  • Maps International Scratch Off Map Poster. Is your retiree planning to travel the world now that they are retired? If you’ve got a budding traveler on your hands, this international scratch off map will inspire and excite them into their next trip. They can proudly display it and scratch off countries, states, and islands they’ve visited to both reminisce and fantasize about future travels.
  • I’m Done Fork. A cute play on the saying, “I’m done, stick a fork in me!” This gift takes it to literal heights! The silver plate for capitalizes on the retiree’s “doneness” which makes it a unique and fun gift. Available on Etsy.
  • DayClocks Week Day Wall Clock. Once you’re retired, the meaning of a clock takes on a lesser priority. Instead of the hours of the day, this clock separates into days of the week. A great gift for men or women, the mahogany clock is sure to look great in any man cave or she shed!
  • Freestanding Wine Refrigerator. This compact, easy to fit most anywhere wine refrigerator houses reds, whites, and roses and keeps them perfectly chilled until they are ready to uncork. Stylish and practical, the glass door allows a peek inside where 8 bottles can comfortably be placed.
  • Canopy Humidifier. Spending more time at home means creating an atmosphere that is conducive to comfort and good health. The Canopy humidifier will do both! It moisturizes rooms up to 500 square feet and features a sensor that will maintain optimal moisture both night and day.
  • Fire TV Stick. If they have yet to be introduced to streaming entertainment, you could be the one to do it for them! This powerful streaming stick features fast start up and easy navigation controls. Millions of movies and television episodes are at their fingertips, all for a fraction of those pesky cable fees.

Help the retiree ease into their new retirement lifestyle with a gift that sparks their interest and brings out their personality!

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