5 Cheap Ways to Send Luggage to China

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If you are planning to send luggage to China, there are several companies you can use. Some of them offer cheap shipping, while others charge more. These companies can pick up your items from your home and stick a shipping label on them. You can save up to 70% of the average shipping cost with exemplary service. Whether you need to send large or smaller items, these companies will help you get them to your destination. Luggage and box shipping services are also excellent if you have many things to send.



Ship4Less offers a service that lets you ship your luggage and boxes to China for cheap. The company handles all the logistics, including shipping, inventory management, and tracking. They also integrate with various eCommerce platforms to make your life easier. Plus, their mobile app lets you track your shipment from any location. Their service also offers two-day express shipping.

Many shipping companies send luggage to China, but if you’re sending luggage, you should make sure that you track your shipment. Some of these companies have a dedicated team of experts who can help you track your shipment, so you can check on the status of your shipment and avoid missing it. With china, ship4less also offer luggage shipping services to other top countries of Asia like India, UAE and Pakistan. 


UPS sends luggage to China, but some countries require additional documentation and fees to import goods. For example, you cannot send your TV or computer to China without a customs invoice. If you don’t provide these documents, your shipment won’t get past the local border. In addition, you may have to pay extra storage fees.

In some countries, you can track your shipment online. UPS has tracking tools to track your packages. You can enter the tracking number on the UPS homepage to check the status of your parcel. You can also receive updates on the package’s location and estimated arrival date.


The Chinese New Year is on February 19th, and you don’t want to be in a situation where your luggage is delayed because you forgot to declare it. Luckily, several options for sending luggage to China won’t break your budget. One of the most popular options is ParcelHero, the leading international courier service. Its track and trace feature makes shipping your luggage easy, and its team of experts is on hand to help if there is a problem.

When you ship luggage to China with ParcelHero, it will automatically generate customs paperwork and calculate duty and taxes based on the value of your items and the reason they’re being shipped. Delivery time to China is three to four days, but it can take longer if there are delays.

NEX Luggage

NEX Luggage offers a convenient, low-cost way to ship your luggage to China. Its fast and reliable service will deliver your luggage to China with the utmost care. Whether your luggage is for a business trip or a vacation, NEX Luggage can forward virtually any type of excess or unaccompanied luggage. You can even deliver golf clubs, skis, or other sporting equipment. This online service is dependable and offers some of the lowest shipping rates in the industry.

When sending your luggage to China, you must make sure you know the necessary customs declaration. If you don’t, your shipment may not even make it past the local border, and you’ll have to incur return shipping costs. My Baggage will supply you with the proper customs and shipping documents to ensure your luggage reaches its destination.

Trak Pak

Whether moving to China or simply travelling abroad, TrakPak’s luggage delivery service makes it easy to get the items you need to start a new life. Having your possessions in one place makes adjusting to life in a new country more accessible and allows you to concentrate on your studies. You can also track your shipment with TrakPak’s online tracking system.

Trakpak offers affordable and expedited services to more than two hundred countries. The service includes a driver from FedEx that picks up your package and transports it to a sorting centre. The rate is based on your package’s weight, size, and destination. The company acts as a middleman and freight forwarder for international shipments.


You may be wondering if USPS can send your luggage to China. You first need to know that USPS doesn’t currently offer guaranteed overnight delivery to China. UPS provides the fastest guaranteed service. The USPS’s service to China takes between seven and fourteen days. If you want your package delivered in a couple of days, you may want to consider shipping your luggage by air.

Although USPS delivery services have improved in the past few years, they still have some issues. For instance, their tracking system isn’t perfect, and their packages often get lost in transit. If your package is lost or delayed for no apparent reason, you may not be eligible for a refund. The only option is to find an alternate shipping service to ensure your package arrives on time.