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The uncomfortable burning sensation in your chest is a definite sign that your stomach acid is flowing upward into your esophagus, a condition known as acid reflux.

Due to its closeness to your chest, acid reflux is frequently referred to as heartburn. However, in its more severe phases, known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), it can become a serious health issue that can harm your esophagus and increase the risk of cancer.

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Dietary Habits

A diet laden with cholesterol takes longer to digest and dwell in your stomach than other foods for a longer period. Your stomach secretes extra acid in response to this. The relaxing impact of fatty foods on the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) aggravates the situation thereby increasing the possibility that some of the excess acid will escape up into your esophagus and cause heartburn.

Most carbohydrates-containing foods can precipitate the state of bloating and gas. Generally speaking, while food is digested in the large intestine, carbohydrates like sugar and fiber are fermented. The procedure results in an accumulation of gas in your colon, which is what induces unpleasant bloating. It can unexpectedly result from healthy options like fruits, vegetables, or lactose in dairy products as well which is often not well-tolerated by many.

Most importantly, if you are taking in very large meals or eating late at night, you must stop right away! Large meals cause your stomach to extend, making you feel bloated and full as well as putting strain on the LES. Upon persistent and chronic strain, the LES may even go on to rupture, enabling stomach contents to flow back up into the esophagus hence, bringing upon heartburn every time you eat.

Post Meal Behaviour

Even though napping after a hearty meal may sound attractive, it can frequently also lead to acid reflux, particularly if you consumed greasy foods. When you are lying down, your stomach contents are more prone to seep up through your LES. Therefore, you must try and avoid lying flat right after a meal. If you must lie down, raising your upper body or lying on your left side can help retain your stomach contents in their proper place.

Smoking and Alcohol

These two are known to be major causative agents of acid reflux in a healthy individual. The idea is based on their relaxing effect on the LES.


As per records, obesity and compulsive overeating may contribute to heartburn and reflux disease. According to a study comparing patients with and without GERD, those who experienced heartburn issues were often noted with a greater BMI.


Commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medications used for various conditions can make heartburn more likely. Therapies dealing with hormones, asthma, high blood pressure, arthritis or other inflammatory disorders, osteoporosis, anxiety or depression, pain, Parkinson’s disease, muscular spasms, or cancer medications are highly associated with reflux disease.

Talk to your doctor about your lifestyle choices for managing and preventing heartburn if you have ruled out diet as the source of your complaints. Visit the Best Gastroenterologist in Lahore for consultation at your earliest before the disease worsens.

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