5 Reasons Why You Must Give Up those Chemicals for Colouring Your Hair

Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour
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Are you aware of the potentially deadly effects of harmful chemicals like Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), DMDM Hydantoin and Methylisothiazolinone? Mostly they are used in chemical based hair dyes and are responsible for many hair damages and allergies that may even land us up in a hospital with neurotoxicity, irreparable lung disorders and many more. But our strong desire to look good pushes us to brave all these dangers, isn’t it? These chemicals also increase our chances of getting cancer. This is so because many heavy metals like lead, barium and aluminum do not completely wash away even after a thorough wash. Some amount always remains which stay accumulated inside the scalp pores, eventually leading to skin cancers. So does that mean that we should never colour our hair? Absolutely not! Indus Valley has recently launched a 100% botanical hair colour that has been especially formulated for those with hypersensitive or allergy-prone scalp. It is made up of only 8 organic and botanical herbs which wholeheartedly promote allergy-free hair colouring, while nurturing and revitalizing the hair and scalp from inside out. Read further to know how this allergy-free hair colour is absolutely safe for everyone.

  1. 100% botanical hair colour is launched

    Is it possible to dye your hair by using just herbs? Yes, it is. Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour solely contains all-organic and botanical ingredients. It is made up of 8 certified organic herbs namely Indigo, Henna, Senna, Amla, Chamomile, Brahmi, Manjistha and Fenugreek, and has no chemicals whatsoever. So that you can now colour your hair with only plant materials and say bye-bye to chemicals for colouring hair forever.
  2. Especially designed for hypersensitive or allergy-prone skin

    Many times, the scalp reacts to heavy metals, harmful synthetics and artificial fragrances that come with hair products. Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour is a completely allergy-free hair color that does not contain any chemicals, but only all-organic and natural herbs which caress the scalp gently with nutrition while colouring hair naturally.

  3. Works with a pH balance between 5 and 7

    Most hair dyes, currently being sold in the market, come with a highly alkaline pH balance measuring around 9 or more. Using them, thus, creates a very alkaline environment inside our scalp tissues, thereby, unbalancing our scalp’s pH levels to cause excruciating dryness, many diseases, illnesses and bad bacterial build-ups. Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour, being completely made up of plant materials only, works with a plant based pH balance between 5 and 7. This is similar to the optimum pH balance of our scalp and hair, so it causes no harmful side effects or irritations.
  4. Saves time and money

    Hair colouring is usually a time consuming and an expensive affair. Aqua colour for hair saves time and money in the long run by helping you avoid multiple hospital visits from over use of chemical hair colours. So, colour your hair with plant materials. Stay safe, healthy and away from expensive doctor visits.
  5. Treats hair, while colouring

    You don’t have to keep up with any hair problems as soon as you apply this 100% botanical hair colour. It treats hair and scalp while colouring, thereby eliminating frizz, split ends, untamable roots and prevents fading away of your natural hair colour. Even when the colour fades away, goodness of the herbs will linger on to keep your hair soft and intact. This allergy-free hair colour will ensure that your hair is free from all artificial chemicals, repair hair damages caused from prior use of chemical hair dyes and give a naturally luminous texture to your hair.

How to Use Indus Valley New Hypo Allergic Aqua Colour:

  • Pre-shampoo your hair with a mild organic shampoo. Then wear the gloves provided in the pack and pour the hair Primer (Pouch A) as per your hair length in a non-metallic container.
  • Add some boiling water (more than 85°C) into the container and make a thick, lump-free paste.
  • Apply the paste to your hair once it cools down to lukewarm, using the Applicator Brush provided. Then allow it to dry.
  • After 30-45 minutes rinse with water and pat dry.
  • Now take the Colour (Pack B) and make the paste in the exact same manner as you did with the primer powder. Apply the colour on your hair and keep it for an hour.
  • Rinse with water and apply the Hair Eaze Spa Conditioner, provided in the pack, to your scalp. Let it rest for 15 minutes then wash it off with normal water.

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