5 Smart-Casual Shoe Looks for Men

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Shoes are essential for anyone who wants to make a good impression on those he meets on a day-to-day basis. A lot of experts have gone so far as to suggest that shoes are the single most noteworthy part of a man’s clothing that determine his class and style. Therefore, this is a staple that you can’t ignore or take lightly while choosing an outfit for yourself during any event. 

Whether you’re going to an important business meeting, or just hanging out with friends, wearing a casual outfit, or a formal suit, the shoes you wear with these clothes and during these occasions can be the determining factor of how sharply you’ve styled your outfit. In this article, we’re providing you with a guide on how men can match different pairs of shoes with different outfits to make a strong impression on people. 

Oxfords & Formal Wear 

If you’re attending an important meeting or have a wedding to go to, formal wear is essential. And while you’re choosing a dark suit to boast during the event, you may even be thinking of the right pair of shoes you can match with the attire. For this, you need a pair of Oxfords in your wardrobe. 

Though moccasins and loafers can also be a good choice to go with your suit, the class and sophistication that Oxfords provide to your look can just be enough to upgrade your outfit from just another formal wear to one that turns eyes towards you and makes a strong impression in everyone’s memory for how you choose to style yourself. 

Moccasins, Polos & Smart-Casual Joggers 

For the more easy-going days, you are better off wearing a smart casual outfit including a polo shirt and light-colored jog pants. For this look, you can easily match a pair of light moccasins to fit your entire style. This is a style meant for those who don’t mind showing off their laid-back yet still classy personality through the way they dress. 

So the next time you’re going to an office party or an informal day meeting up with friends and relatives, this is what you should be wearing with a pair of shiny, buckled moccasins to make a good impression. 

Loafers, Chinos & V-Necks 

There are days you’ve to go out and socialize and there are days you have to run a few errands with a slight chance you’d meet up with a few friends. On such days, you can easily put on your most comfortable chinos, a pastel-colored v-neck, and a pair of brown loafers to make for a casual yet upscale look that can easily be a style statement you want to carry and be known for. 

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Sneakers, Casual Button Downs & Shorts 

Going to the beach with your friends? Or to trek along a hillside this summer? Or you may just be traveling to another city without any plans for where you might have your next outing? No need to worry because if there’s one outfit that can fit the aesthetic of any outdoor trips you’re taking in this warm weather, it should include some high-quality designed shorts and a chromatic button-down shirt, with a pair of sneakers to make your trip extra comfortable. 

This is a versatile outfit for all your outings that will make you feel easy in your own skin without worrying about whether this is a good choice for the summer because nothing goes with summer the way shorts, a shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and sneakers do! 

Though we’ve gone ahead and provided you with a more or less detailed guide on which shoes you can wear with which outfits, it’s your job to determine whether your shoes are appropriate for the occasion and the outfit you’re wearing, especially the quality of your shoes and their color. Because fashion isn’t as easy as you might think, and you can’t just put together any outfit and hope for it to work. 

To pull off a chic yet exclusive look, your outfit needs to be classy as well as comfortable enough to not give off a “trying too hard” kind of impression. For more, visit FHS Official Pakistan