5 Tips for Working Mothers to dress up their kids stylish

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The time and effort a woman puts in to care for her little bud while juggling a job is indescribable. Striking a good work-life balance is something that working mothers do their best to do. The largest challenge, though, is still whether working mothers can take care of their small kids and spend enough time with them in today’s reality.

A working mom’s struggle with her numerous obligations can be overwhelming, and getting her little wanderer dressed might take a lot of time. The ability to dress oneself is not developed in younger kiddos. As a result,  mothers frequently end up being responsible for directing them.

We’ve provided working moms with some suggestions on how to manage their children’s clothing in order to make this chore simple. Below are some of the tips to enhance kids wear fashion.


1.    Plan ahead:

Make sure to schedule everything the night before to prevent a hectic morning. Picking out your Lil bud’s outfit for the following morning should be the first step in the evening preparations. This will expedite the process of getting dressed before you need to go to work, saving you time.

Make a shopping list and place an online purchase for forthcoming festivals, events, and festivities. This will prevent a stampede on the final day.

Plan ahead at least 10 days in advance if you’re buying your little princess’s clothing online to allow for delivery. Make sure your appropriate attire is ready to wear if you already have it (dry cleaned, ironed, etc).

2.    Make categories for children’s clothing:

Another time-saving strategy for moms that will simplify their duty is to separate clothes into categories such as casual outings, formal events, and everyday wear.

Don’t forget to keep a distinct section for holidays and other special events. By doing this, it is simple to choose the appropriate attire and is prevented from being confused with more casual or everyday clothing.

Likewise, forgetting about recent purchases is a quite normal occurrence. Keep recent acquisitions apart to prevent this.

Make sure there is a distinct area in your children’s closet for clothing, accessories, and other necessities for daily life.

By adding labels to the drawers or shelves, segregation may be made simple and confusion can be prevented.

3.    Emphasize Comfort:

While clothing your child in the newest children’s fashion apparel is crucial, never sacrifice your child’s comfort in the process. Whatever you decide to have your child wear, you as a mother must ensure that they are content and at ease. Your little girl might feel annoyed or young children might become irritable if the clothing is not comfy enough.

Additionally, the bulky, heavily embroidered clothing could hurt and irritate their delicate skin. Therefore, it’s important to put your children’s comfort first while choosing clothing for them. Additionally, keep your child from wearing clothing that is too tight or has rough areas because these items have a higher chance of hurting their skin or suffocating them.

4.    Use accessories:

By adding a few to their attire, you can enhance your children’s overall appearance by making them more stylish and appealing. Even the most basic, everyday clothing can be made formal or fashionable by adding the right accessories.

Easy ways to improve your kids’ appearance include using colourful, lively accessories. This includes little hats to shield the sun from their sensitive skin, as well as hairbands, bracelets, brooches, and lapel pins in vibrant colours.

Involving your children in the process of getting dressed and deciding on their own accessories will help them feel more involved.

5.    Buy your little princess’s clothes online

Working mothers may find it challenging to find time to go shopping for kids’ clothes due to a busy schedule. Online buying is the greatest choice in this case. You can browse through the many online kid’s clothing options and add the cute dresses for kids that you like to your wish list or shopping basket. Online buying is a lot simpler and more practical substitute for offline purchasing. Additionally, because it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere, it saves a lot of time and effort.

And if you are wondering where to get comfortable and good quality clothes for your small pot of love, then give a try to One Friday world. We stay up to date with the most recent global fashion trends and follow them abroad. Through our distinctive and cutting-edge designs, we share the tales of journeys and adventures. As we source our fabrics, raw materials, and trims in accordance with internationally recognised standards, we keep in mind the three most crucial characteristics of children’s clothing: comfortability, breathability, and safety.

We have brilliant kids wear online options for you such as:

1.     Gold Frill Satin Dress

A sweet little day dress with a basic beginning and a little of additional drama on the neck at the end. This is the ideal option for your little angel’s everyday adventures on a sunny winter day thanks to the relaxed silhouette.

2.     Pink Sleeveless Dress with Checks

In this incredibly cosy pad outfit, your little girl will look too adorable. She was able to be both adorable and game-ready thanks to the cut and style. To finish the look, add cosy stockings and bellies.

3.     Brown suede dress with pearl studs

This is the outfit for your young princess if you’re searching for a dress that will cause everyone to pause and utter the word “awwww.” The dress is given a delicate touch by the side arrangement of polka dot bows. You can achieve a winning style by wearing it with a matching pink shrug and bellie.

4.     Print Daisy Duck Dress

This dress features a daisy duck print in a bright blue colour and is seamlessly embroidered at the bottom with elaborate and entertaining patterns.

A part of the dress’ midsection has daisies sewed into it, and a ribbon that resembles a yellow belt is wrapped around it. It will make your girl seem adorable and be ideal for summer.

5.     Navy Blue and Red Check Dress

A classic decision for a classic future lady. In this adorable little plaid dress with a red bow, make her look like a little genius. During the cooler months, put on a pair of tights to keep her warm. It’s a trendy kids wear for girls.

6.     Olive Suede Dress

Elegance is a byproduct of simplicity. The smallest splash of colour, in the form of a charming bow and piping, can be seen on the sleeves of this stunning A-line dress. a sweet option for family portraits and birthday celebrations.

These were some of the easy kids wear and tips for working women to style up their kids! Now all the moms dont have to worry about dressing up their little pots of love just follow these tips and make them super stylish!