5 Ways To Avoid Menopause Symptoms for Thanksgiving Day

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Coping with menopause symptoms on any given day is challenging, but managing your hot flashes, mood swings, stress, and fatigue on a busy holiday like Thanksgiving can be a real struggle. Fortunately, taking a few smart steps during the holiday goes a long way toward making your celebration more enjoyable. From following good sleep habits to finding the right supplements to replace estrogen pills over the counter, here’s how to have a great Thanksgiving.


1. Get Plenty of Rest

While it’s tough to get enough shuteye when you’ve got so many extra responsibilities on your plate, the tendency to wear yourself out over the busy Thanksgiving season is precisely why you need adequate rest. Stick to a regular bedtime schedule and aim for at least seven hours of sleep each night to stave off menopausal, and holiday, fatigue.

2. Watch What You Eat (and Drink)

It’s tempting to overindulge on a food-centered holiday like Thanksgiving. However, if you’re already struggling with menopausal weight gain, any pounds you add during the festivities may be even harder to shed.

To avoid eating too much unhealthy food, stick to small portions and go heavy on grains, fruits, and vegetables. Also, limit your intake of alcoholic beverages; not only are they caloric, but they often increase hot flashes and disrupt restful sleep. Even zero-calorie caffeine drinks are a no-go, as their pick-me-up qualities aren’t worth the night sweats they might trigger.

3. Delegate

Despite Thanksgiving being a holiday that’s shared by the whole family, most of the planning and execution of the big meal and other activities is done by women. When hosting duties fall on your shoulders and you’re already feeling overwhelmed by menopausal stress, don’t be afraid to delegate so you’re not left handling all the hard work.

4. Clear Your Head

Letting go of tension and anxiety is key in combatting both holiday stress and menopause symptoms. Stealing away a few minutes to engage in relaxing and pressure-releasing activities like yoga, deep breathing, and meditation frees your mind and body of excess tension, making it easier to face Thanksgiving tasks with a fresh, positive perspective.

5. Add Supplements

When practicing helpful habits isn’t enough to get you through the busy Thanksgiving holiday, consider supplements to better manage your menopause symptoms. Turn to an effective s-equol treatment, like Equelle, to safely alleviate common issues related to reduced estrogen. It’s also wise to add nutritional supplements to your daily routine, as the combination of body changes during this transitional time and out-of-whack holiday eating habits may result in menopause vitamin deficiency.

Now that you know how to better manage your menopause symptoms on Thanksgiving, it’s time to do some prep work to ensure you’re all set to feel your best. If you’ve been wondering “What is s-equol?,” check the research to learn how this non-hormonal compound helps relieve common menopausal symptoms. Then place your order with a trusted online retailer like Equelle, and make s-equol part of your plans for feeling great on your