6 Major Developments in the Industry of Customized Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes
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Do you want to create unique custom boxes for a competitive edge in the market? Try customized pillow boxes produced with the latest technology. Printed pillow boxes are perfect for packing small and fragile items because they are stylish, sleek, and lightweight. When placed on retail counters, these boxes can draw customers from a great distance. Companies use the latest technology to manufacture innovatively designed boxes.


Major Development in Custom Pillow Boxes Industry

Do you want to boost your product visibility in the market? If yes, you should use advanced technology to manufacture pillow boxes wholesale packaging. Here are six significant developments in the industry:

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1.      Eco-Friendly Materials

Human actions are the cause of many environmental issues. Because we must exist and live in this ecosystem, we should be aware that our environment must be secure. The packaging business produces numerous pillow packaging boxes. These packaging options are now contributing to waste generation. They are creating vast amounts of garbage. This trash has become a significant issue because it is causing numerous health issues.

As a result, every nation is attempting to implement ecologically beneficial regulations. They have created a few guidelines to monitor and control environmental safety conditions. They have demanded that environmentally friendly materials become more and more necessary. Therefore, the best custom pillow boxes are those made of eco-friendly materials. These materials don’t cause any issues with the environment.

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2.      High-Tech Pillow Boxes

The printed pillow boxes’ visual appeal and construction materials are significant and critical aspects in determining their quality. Different businesses might employ various paper stocks. Cardboard, cardstock, corrugated material, and kraft paper are all options. They use premium paper stock to make an impression on clients’ thoughts. High-tech materials can contribute to an alluring and impressive appearance with a sturdy and robust structure.

High-tech and more durable custom pillow boxes can protect the contents from various external threats. High-quality boxes also have several lovely and eye-catching aesthetic qualities. They might have stunning images, graphics, and other artwork. Therefore, these boxes will create an engaging packaging campaign.

3.      3D Printing

Three-dimensional printing, or 3D printing, is now the hottest trend on the market. This also features excellent printing with vibrant colors that can quickly catch the eye. This technique makes drawing various cartoon characters, images, and graphics very simple.

You can use these techniques to increase product value. Pillow packaging boxes engage customers and encourage them to purchase the products, which can also be printed similarly.

4.      Maximum Protection

One of the best things about new customized pillow technology is that retailers no longer have to choose between protection and beauty. But, they can find both under one roof. To increase the value of possessions, any protective material—including cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, plastic, and even metal—can be printed with various patterns.

Many manufacturing companies are offering custom box printing with no minimum need, allowing any desired number of encasements to be made beautiful. They are particularly crucial for new vendors because small enterprises create custom pillow boxes according to their customer requirements at affordable prices. Moreover, cutting-edge technology allows businesses to create unique designs for the packaging.

5.      QR-Codes

Today, businesses understand the importance of good packaging, but they should know that functional boxes can boost sales. QR codes are another significant development for printed pillow boxes. You can produce these custom boxes using cutting-edge technology. Customers can scan QR codes using a variety of scanners as well as from specialized mobile phone applications. After scanning, customers can check coded information that may include the cost of the items, expiration date, and manufacturer name.

6.      Automated Machines

Science and technology advancements have enabled the manufacturing sectors to automate pillow packaging boxes. Moreover, advanced machinery reduced manufacturing costs helping businesses to reduce their packaging expenses.


Businesses are consistently working on their packaging to create an outstanding customer experience. You must choose the latest technology for creating affordable, protective, and eco-friendly boxes. You can get a competitive edge in your niche by introducing unique custom pillow boxes. Furthermore, you can reduce your packaging expense by choosing boxes manufactured with the latest technology. Therefore, you should keep track of advanced technology in packaging.

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