6 Tips to Prevent Makeup Induced Skin Damage

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Flawless skin is what we all have dreamt of. No matter what age or what profession you belong to, we all crave this. When unable to do this naturally, we rely upon cosmetics, including makeup products.

Not only this, many people are just fond of makeup. If you are also a makeup addict, then don’t worry you are not alone in this. Many women have this natural inclination towards makeup and it’s considered a normal part of their routine.


Is makeup damaging to the skin?

Is makeup damaging to my skin? We have often seen women asking this question. From collecting a variety of makeup products to staying in fashion to worrying about skin damage due to makeup, that’s a typical woman for you.

No matter how good-quality or branded makeup products you use, this makeup-induced skin damage is inevitable, said a renowned dermatologist from Life Line Hospital Lahore while addressing a webinar on skin-damaging habits. However, many ways can minimize this damage to the skin.

Ways to prevent skin damage due to makeup

Want to know how you can prevent skin damage while wearing makeup every day? I have got your back.

Here are the ways that can help to prevent makeup-induced skin damage.

1- Choose makeup products according to your skin type

I think you understand what I am trying to say here. Anyone who visited a makeup store can surely relate to this makeup products come in a hundred different types. These makeup products are specially designed for different skin types and contain ingredients that make them best suited for a particular skin type.

A makeup product isn’t one for all. If you have oily skin you might need a relatively oil-free product. So, always consider your skin type before choosing makeup products, especially primers and foundations.

2- Always use your primer

Primer is an essential part of your makeup. Not only does it make your makeup look brighter and healthy but it keeps your skin moisturized. Using primer protects your skin with makeup without clogging your pores. So, if you are suffering from any such skin problem, it is recommended to use a skin primer for additional protection alongside your makeup.

3- Remember your sunscreen

Many people think that they don’t need to wear sunscreen if they are wearing makeup. Thus, there is no need to skip your SPF even if you are putting on makeup. Neither your skin doesn’t get any better protection with makeup solely nor does not your skin breathe in absence of SPF.

So, skipping your sunscreen isn’t even an option. If you don’t want to apply sunscreen with makeup then it’s a solely personal choice. Again, in this case, it is recommended to choose the makeup products that come along with sunscreen.

4- Don’t sleep with your makeup on

No matter how tired you are, there is no point in sleeping with your makeup on. Leaving makeup on your skin can be the biggest cause of makeup-induced skin damage. Thus, it is recommended to remove your makeup before going to bed. Not only this but properly cleanse your skin after removing makeup. Don’t forget to apply your moisturizer when you have done cleansing. This is probably the easiest way to minimize skin damage due to makeup.

5- Use face powder after makeup

Don’t forget to follow your makeup with face powder. The use of face powder keeps your foundation in the lock. Further, the use of face powder keeps moisturizer locked in your skin preventing water loss as well as protecting your skin against air pollution damage.

6- Change your makeup products timely

This is what we are least concerned about whenever it comes to makeup-induced damage. Using makeup products for a long time can cause damage. A friend of mine developed a serious skin infection and she went to Masood Hospital for treatment. The dermatologist said that her infection was because she kept on using the same makeup products again.

So, be mindful of the makeup products you are using and keep an eye on their expiry date. Not forgetting to toss your makeup products can protect your skin.

Bottom Line!

Women love makeup with no exception. However, the use of makeup in your daily routine can be damaging to your skin. Thus, it is better to take care of your skin when you wear it daily and in case of any minor trouble, it is advisable to immediately head to a dermatologist.