7 Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces

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The idea of cooking outdoors is becoming popular lately due to its benefits. This trend is growing immensely, and hosting guests on any occasion is becoming easier. Besides allowing you to cook outdoors, these kitchen stations offer an amazing experience. But can you set up an outdoor kitchen if you are short on space? The answer is yes! Modern-day home decorations allow you to design the best kitchen spaces within a limited space, including the basic amenities.  

Interestingly, the contemporary outdoor kitchen also increases the property’s resale value. A study also showed that a house with outdoor kitchen infrastructure had an ROI of up to 200% or more compared to houses without it. 

So, you see, there is a lot of love and craze for outdoor kitchen models. With its addition, you can reap its benefits to the fullest. On this note, here are some popular and innovative outdoor kitchen trends for you.  

1. Outdoor Kitchens with Bonfire BBQ Smokers 

Adding a bonfire BBQ smoker and conventional built-in gas grills may be the most significant modification to outdoor kitchens. This gives you access to practically any cooking style in the backyard, allowing you to pick up new skills and provide your visitors with a more varied meal. On the other hand, perhaps you already have a passion for slow cooking and cannot imagine your outside area without a specialized BBQ smoker. In either case, many homeowners decide to upgrade their setup with a smoker. Imagine eating steaks grilled one day and a slow-smoked barbecue brisket the next. Why not do both at once? 

You may use gravestone work to construct the counters and include a dark, wood roof style. Darker red penstocks may give your counters a color punch for your outdoor kitchen features.

2. Wood Retractable Outdoor Kitchen 

The retractable outdoor kitchen is yet another innovative idea. When required, pull it out, and slip it back quickly when not using it. This type of kitchen comes with almost every basic amenity you would need to enhance your outdoor cooking experience. For example, it has a countertop for prepping the food, storage, and a sink.  

This small retractable kitchen also has a canopy to offer your shade during the day. You can remove it on clear nights for a better outdoor experience. It will give you a classic feeling when you install white and clean dark wood worktops.  

3. Penthouse Kitchenette 

The modern kitchenette is best suited on a single-family home’s roof terrace. You can build it into a single wall, and it features sliding glass doors and warm wood cabinets to protect it while not in use. You can even add a grilling station close to the brick wall outdoors. 

4. Light and Airy Outdoor Kitchen 

Living the classic way means having a kitchen in a gorgeous outdoor pool house. The corner kitchen has a refrigerator with a glass door, a stovetop, an oven, and a sink. Stone, wood, and rattan are natural materials that perfectly fit the surrounding environment. Dishware, black frame windows with white subway tiles never fail to add a contemporary feel. When used, accordion windows open up to the pool house and outdoor terrace. Outside seating facing the kitchen creates a cozy atmosphere for beverages and light meals. 

5. Kitchen With a High-Tech Pergola  

A high-tech pergola might be best if you want to utilize your outdoor kitchen all year round. Even though it isn’t the most affordable option, it will provide you with all the conveniences of an indoor space while enabling cooking in the open.  

You can choose how much shade and protection your setup receives with the push of a button on a louvered roof, so you can cook in comfort even when it’s scorching hot outside or pouring rain. LED lighting will provide a cozy and alluring midnight glow, while heaters placed to the sides will persuade you to ignite the grill even in the bitterest winter months. 

6. Natural Materials 

Using natural materials like wooden-based outdoor kitchens can add a traditional touch. Giant wooden shelves and countertops can give it a truly amazing look. Ensure that these materials are weather-proof that can survive all seasons. 

Since wood may not always be a great choice during the rainy season as it would start to rot, you may have a bi-fold door installed in your spacious outdoor kitchen to provide a link between the inside. One may conveniently line up the eating room, bar, and entertainment area, which would act as an outdoor and indoor kitchen. A firm countertop and unique storage may complement fashionable outdoor kitchen and décor concepts. In your landscape design, you may use large hardwoods to create the roofing for your contemporary outdoor kitchen sundeck. 

7. Modern Outdoor Kitchen with Monochrome 

When it comes to home decorating ideas, a monochromatic palette is usually a winner, especially if you enjoy modern garden designs near your outdoor cooking area. To create a minimalist outdoor kitchen that exudes chill, combine black finishes with light wood, simple lines, and streamlined pavement. Concrete-effect planters and design-driven furnishings will provide a final touch that is distinctly Scandinavian.

Covering your BBQ will allow you to enjoy cooking regardless of the weather. At the same time, full-width sliding doors will provide an airy sensation of movement between the interior and out. It’s a fantastic method to increase your living area. 


Outdoor kitchens are typically only utilized as a supplementary function, giving you lots of freedom to experiment or spice things up. However, if you want to make your outside space unique, consider adding a pizza oven or a barbeque station. So, if you enjoy cooking outdoors, these ideas mentioned above can change the overall appearance of your house. Most importantly, these trends will never fail to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen and cooking experience. 

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