7 Qualities of an Exceptional Car Accident Lawyer

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If you’re looking for a car accident injury lawyer in San Antonio, then you should know the right qualities to look for in this person. Finding someone with the right qualities will lead to you having a more successful case and a better relationship with your attorney throughout it. We’re going to go over some of the key characteristics you should look for in their career and personality before you start working together.

7 Qualities of an Exceptional Car Accident Injury Lawyer in San Antonio


1. They’re Experienced

When you’re dealing with car accident cases, you’re going to want somebody experienced. You need to know your attorney has represented people in cases similar to yours in the past.

If you were in a head-on collision, then look for a top San Antonio car accident lawyer who’s worked on lots of head-on collision cases. If another driver drove into you while you were parked, then consider somebody who’s worked on an array of cases like that. Finding somebody who is done what you need them to do before is key here.

2. They’re Skillful

Ensuring your attorney is skillful is also crucial. It’s not enough to just have worked on cases similar to yours. You want to know they have the skills to win them. Look into their track record and ask for testimonials from former clients. If they’ve had more wins than they’ve had losses, then chances are you’re working with a skillful attorney who’s going to get you a fantastic settlement after your accident.

Be sure to ask how much of a settlement your attorney was aiming for in past cases versus how much they got. You need to know you’re getting enough to cover lost expenses, medical bills, car repair bills, and the contingency fee your attorney will take as their payment.

3. They’re Logical

Working with an attorney who thinks logically is always a good call. This will lead to the lawyer being levelheaded and very smart in regards to how they think about your case. You don’t want to work with an attorney who acts based on emotions and whims, as this is unprofessional and will lead to a case with a poor outcome. Stick with a person who’s smart, rational, and looks at the facts when building a case to prove you’re entitled to a settlement.

4. They’re Understanding

Finding a person to work with who’s understanding is always a good idea in these cases. You’ve been through a trauma, and you’re dealing with emotional damages. An attorney who’s understanding of that will never make you feel uncomfortable about what you’re asking for or what you’re describing to them in the aftermath of your accident.

Remember that you’re entitled to compensation for emotional damages as well as physical. An understanding lawyer will make sure you never forget this and can get the full sum of what you deserve based on it.

5. They’re Patient

Some days you just won’t be able to work as effectively with your attorney as you’re usually able to. This isn’t surprising given the emotional damages we mentioned above. You may even be dealing with car accident-related PTSD. A patient attorney will be calm and kind when dealing with you when you’re having a hard time and feeling vulnerable.

Patience is also a virtue considering how long these cases can take sometimes. Most cases are straightforward and quick to resolve, but you’ll occasionally deal with a party who doesn’t want to accept liability even if the accident was entirely their fault. This will make the case drag on, so you need an attorney who’s patient enough to put up with it.

6. They’re Hard-Working

Hard-working attorneys will do everything they can to help you win your case. They’ll examine all the evidence in depth, talk to as many witnesses as possible, and spend time gathering all the facts to present them to the other party and their attorney. They won’t be lazy with this case and just let things unfold. They’ll stick to their guns, negotiate with insurance companies, and even defend you in court if they have to.

7. They’re Realistic

Sometimes a case just won’t go well no matter what you do. Perhaps you were partially liable for the accident and are only entitled to a partial settlement. Maybe there’s insufficient evidence to prove the other party’s liability. Plus, sometimes there are minimal damages and you won’t be entitled to as hefty a settlement as you’d like. A good attorney will tell you how it is upfront and they’ll ensure you don’t get your hopes up regarding your compensation.

Exceptional attorneys have a nice balance of professionalism and skill alongside a patient and understanding demeanor. They want you to feel supported as a person and as a client. They’ll work hard to get you the settlement you deserve.

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