8 most beautiful mehndi designs for festivals

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“Heena ~ leaving a beautiful Dark stain’’. Mehndi has been one of the oldest traditions emerging from the Mughals.  The Hindi and Arabic word Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘mendhika’ which refers to the henna plant itself. The ancient rich royals and Rani’s would decorate their hands and legs with this mesmerizing material. This wonderful tradition is widely spread throughout the world.

This madness of mehndi has now become mandatory, especially during wedding & festival season. Isn’t it fantastic? So….where are the mehndi artists near me?  Here is, “Heena by Nisha’’ considered one of the best mehndi artists in Dubai. If you want your mehndi design to stand out the most on the next family occasion, you are at the right place!

Applying Mehendi has become a unique and essential part of all sorts of occasions and festivals for women we are here to provide the best designs for all occasions be it religious, weddings, parties, family functions, casuals, bridal designs, and many more.

At Heena, by Nisha, located in Dubai we have a skilled team who have the professional experience to decorate your bare hand and legs with eye-gazing henna designs.

We also ensure a healthy atmosphere by using high-quality henna colour eliminating all the toxic and allergic materials. We provide fresh mehndi cones and fresh colour with the original essence of the henna plant ( no added colour or preservative). Here, we also guarantee a long-running dark henna stain by giving a special treatment of covering your stained hands and legs with sugar and rose water. So…why wait any longer. come, pick your design, and get started with HENNA BY NISHA, for creative and unique mehndi hands and legs this festive season.


8 Most Beautiful Mehndi Designs for festivals By Nishi Metha

Floral Mehendi Design:

A trendy flower covering mehndi design suitable for all occasions. Looks very elegant and at the same time sober, especially for girls who prefer not-so-jazy designs. a simple ring and bracelet will all the more qualify your hands. Mostly preferred for the back and front of your hands.

The design starts from the corner of the thumb with intricate and detailed design in the middle with a finishing of all the beautiful shapes and patterns of flowers.

Peacock Mehandi Pattern:

A design most popular in the festive season. Being very unique and classic, especially on the backside of your hands, gives a combination of florals with a spread of peacock pattern finishing. A finger ring will enhance its beauty. Give a simple and elegant look and not much time consumption for the artist.

Mehndi Designs With Rhinestones:

A design best to decorate your legs. Gives a glam look with filters. mostly works with wedding occasions. This design gives an intricate and detailed pattern with tiny flowers on the borderline. The artist draws each pattern with care and perfect concentration. It’s considered to be a special latest design for the wedding season.

Latest Shaded Mehndi Design:

A soon-to-be trendy design for all-time occasions, weddings, and casuals. This design is detailed and intricate with an eye-catching interior design offered with a dark outline throughout. Looks extremely gorgeous and mesmerizing with classic finishing. Suitable for both sides of the hand and spreading towards the wrist and arms. can be designed in any colour through black is preferable.

Grand Mehendi for Bride’s Hands and Feet:

A smile and dark stained henna are the most beautiful makeups a bride can wear. An elaborate bridal design which looks classic and is ready. cover the hand still arms and feet entirely. Needs a lot of patience and care for the profession. The latest bridal mehndi design is filled with motifs, floral patterns, spirals, and rounds. A special finishing of glitter and rhinestones will enhance its beauty reaching the skies.

Mehndi for Cocktail Of Leaves and Floral Patterns:

Trey flowers and leaves are such a wonderful gift by God to mankind as it not only adds beauty to our mother earth but also enhance our hands and feel when designed with henna. This design looks beautiful as it looks superb with a combination of flowers and leaves. This mehndi design is also easy to do without giving any sharing or borders. Just a uniform thin pattern is followed. Preamble for all celebrations or casuals. A bracelet can make it more attractive.

Bangle Replacement Mehandi Design:

Looks unique on the wrist. This design is suitable for family gatherings and casuals. The design leads with an uphill pattern and a darker outline. The bangle design is in a triangular pattern and the professionals decorate with care and concentration.

The Bride And Groom’s Latest Mehendi Designs:

The latest design in the market and soon being the top most famous bridal henna design worldwide. The beauty of this design is entirely irresistible. The drawing of the king and queen on the bride’s hands and legs speaks so much about the love of togetherness. a combination of florals, shapes patterns, and the drawing of the king and queen covers the hand and feet of the bride entirely. As it is said, “ darker the henna colour, stronger is the parameter of love’’.

These were the top 8 trending mehndi designs for you, If you are on a hunt on the internet for a bridal mehndi artist near me then Nisha Metha has a professional team of bridal mehndi designers that craves some of the most beautiful Arabic Mehndi designs in Dubai.

Best Mehendi Designer In Dubai

Dubai is a city of possibilities, here people love artistic designs & admire well-grooming. Applying a designer mehndi on special ocessions, engagements or weddings is a clear sign of clean & stylish Indian dressing sense. Nishi Metha is the leading mehndi designer in Dubai with an experienced team of professional Mehendi artists that crave the best mehndi designs for you & your family. Nisha Metha also is a certified Mehendi artist in Dubai, so if you are on the search for the best mehndi artists near me then typing Nisha Metha on your web browser search can be the best search result as Nisha Metha & her team Henna by Nisha rank no 1 in Dubai. So what are you waiting for connect to Henna By Nisha today for the best Mehendi designs in Dubai,

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