9 Most Expensive Flowers in the World

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If you’re looking for the most expensive flowers in the World, look no further than these blooms. These include the Saffron crocus, the Gold of Kinabalu orchid, the Juliet rose, and the Lisianthus. All of them can cost up to hundreds of dollars each.

In this article, we have included the 9 Most Expensive Flowers in the World. If you would like one of these below, order flowers online using our online flower delivery portal.


Saffron Crocus – Flowers

Crocus flowers, commonly known as saffron crocus, bloom in the fall. Their tiny purple, pink, or white flowers are covered in stamens of a yellow color. The stigma is used to make saffron spice. A gram of saffron requires about 400 crocus flowers. The stigmas of the saffron crocus are best stored in an airtight container, away from direct sunlight. Commercial sellers often use black plastic to protect the stigmas from light and air. Saffron is susceptible to rot and mites and should be stored in a cool, dark place.

The saffron crocus is cultivated for its crimson filaments, which are then used to make saffron, one of the World’s most expensive spices. Saffron crocus is grown in a desert in Morocco, considered one of the driest continents. Harvesting the saffron crocus is a labor-intensive, non-mechanized process. It requires several days to dry. It is among the most expensive but amazing flowers across the World as well. However, the saffron crocus is easy to grow. You can Send Flowers To Bangalore to your friends and family members in any part of India.

Growing them in your yard or garden will yield around 150-200 corms for an entire year’s worth of saffron. The stigmas make people laugh, and some even get uncontrollable giggles when they see them. The saffron crocus is not the most expensive flower in the World. It’s not even rare. A dozen roses can cost you a few hundred dollars. It is grown for its stamens, which are used to make saffron, the World’s most expensive spice. A pound of saffron is worth more than $1,000.

Another flower that costs a fortune is the gloriosa lily, a member of the autumn crocus family. It is beautiful, with red-orange reflexed sepals and long stamens. But it is also poisonous. Finally, the kadupul is a rare and beautiful flower. It is a large white and yellow flower that grows to 30 centimeters. And it is native to Sri Lanka but can also be found in South American countries. It isn’t easy to grow and is listed among the most expensive flowers in the World.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

The Gold of Kinabalu orchid is one of the most expensive flowers in the entire World. This rare flower is only found in Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park. It isn’t easy to cultivate, and it takes a few years before it begins to bloom. Its beauty is one of the main reasons it is so expensive. A gold orchid can fetch over $200,000. However, it is not the only expensive flower in the World. There are wide varieties of orchids on the market, and some of the most expensive are artificial.

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, for example, was created in a lab and took eight years to cultivate. As a result, it only blooms every four to five years, and when it does. The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid, also known as Rothschild’s slipper orchid, is an extremely rare species that takes 15 years to grow. Only found in Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park, this flower has an extremely high market value. The Kadupul orchid is another rare and expensive flower. This beautiful flower blooms only once a year and at night.

It is also known as the ghost flower. Despite its rarity and hard-to-cultivate status, the Kadupul orchid is one of the most expensive flowers in the World. The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid has a unique and beautiful design. Its petals are voluminous and resemble a warm apricot or peach. This orchid is an exceptional example of the “Rosa” orchid and is one of the most expensive in the World. This orchid was developed by men in the late 1800s and took eight years.

Juliet Rose – Flowers

A 15-year-old rose, called the Juliet Rose, is now one of the World’s most expensive flowers. It’s also one of the rarest, worth over $15 million. The rose was developed by David Austin and debuted at the 2006 Chelsea Flower Show. According to Austin, the plant took 15 years to develop. A single bouquet can sell for $150. The Juliet rose exhibit at the 2006 Chelsea flower show, was introduced to the public.

It has an unusual bloom with a pale peach bud and darker center petals. It also has a delicate scent. While the Juliet rose is among the most expensive flowers in the World, it is still a relatively affordable choice. Although you may be unable to buy a bouquet of this rose, you can find seeds for it on Amazon. The Lily of the Valley is another beautiful flower with an unusual shape. This flower considers one of the nine most expensive in the World.

It blooms in early March and can grow up to 15 to 30 cm in height. The Juliet rose took more than ten years to develop. It is a soft peach color and looks beautiful when fully opened. It is also popular for weddings, and a bouquet can fetch as much as PS90. It’s also worth mentioning that the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is artificial. Its delicate flowers have a soothing scent.

While most flowers are available, some rare and expensive varieties are only available in florist shops. Some online flowers can cost just a few pounds, while others can cost thousands of dollars. However, don’t worry – a great flower doesn’t have to break the bank. Hydrangea is another flower that costs a lot. It can grow up to three meters high and has tiny white flowers. Generally, this plant is sold in white, but some purple varieties exist.

Lisianthus Blooms

Lisianthus is a perennial herb that blooms annually. The flowers are approximately five centimeters across and grow from 15 to 60 centimeters high. They have large, oval petals that range in color from white to blue-violet. Although the flowers are attractive, they only last for a couple of weeks once they have been cut off the stem. This is one reason the Lisianthus flower is called the “paper flower.” Lisianthus, also known as Eustoma grandiflorum, is one of the most expensive flowers in the World.

Its highly prized flowers can cost up to $30 per bunch or bundle. The flowers are native to warm regions and are highly poisonous. They are available in white, blue-violet, and purple from Mexico to northern South America. Despite the price tag, these flowers are easy to grow in home gardens. The only drawback of Lisianthus is its limited lifespan. Once cut, they only last for a couple of weeks and can’t freeze like other flowers.

It is the most expensive flower in the World and is also one of the rarest. Another flower that costs a fortune is the Lily of the Valley. This small, white-colored bloom is a very unusual shape, and it grows to between 15 and 30 cm tall. Unlike other flowers, Lily of the Valley is poisonous. You must buy it in bundles of 10 or more to make an attractive bouquet. Hydrangeas are another unusual and expensive flower—this family of seventy-five flowering plants native to eastern and southern Asia and the Americas.

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