A Quick Guide – IP Address

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As the internet is used all around how can communication and other actions be conducted without having a recognition option for your device. This is where a series of numbers that help identify a device on the internet comes in. This number is called an IP address or an Internet Protocol address. Whats my IP? Everyone has a different IP!

An IP address is one of the most important factors on the internet. In technical terms, it is the numerical representation of any device. Through this unique address the internet searches and understands where the result must be shown.


Versions of IP

The most commonly used IP addresses back to the 1980s, at the time the internet was mainly used by the military. This was IPv4 for lease which has 4.3 billion addresses.But with advancements in technology the addresses have run out and mainly exist because experts were able to use networking tricks to keep it going.

IPv6 has come into play for the last decade as it has far more addresses than IPv4. It was created to never run out of addresses as it has an undecillion number of addresses. The two versions currently co-exist but IPv6 has started to replace IPv4 in the last decade.

If you go to Google and search for Whats my IP? If your ISP supports both IPv4 and IPv6. Then Google will always display your IPv6 because now it gives more importance to it.

Difference Between Public and Private Address

The difference between local and public addresses can simply be explained by the range they target. A public IP address identifies your device to the wider network. This way the information you are searching for is available only to you.

The private address is what is used by your device to securely connect to other devices. When connected to a router the device will be immediately assigned an IP. Users do not need the IP addresses unless they are setting up games or a web server.

How does it Work

Post offices use the address of the house to send any package. Similarly, the internet uses IP addresses to identify you on the internet. Through the address, the internet directs traffic and makes sure that information will reach the specified location. The important thing to notice is that every device no matter how small has an IP address as its representation.

Having an IP address is meaningless if it is not connected to any device. The device uses a set of rules called (TCP) transmission control protocol that connects devices and shares information across the internet. Through TCP data is broken into multiple small packets and delivered across the internet.

The data is broken and transmitted in an orderly fashion making sure that data will be received in proper order. The IP portion of the internet makes sure the data travel to the desired location. Gateways on the internet use IP identification to understand where to direct the data.

Assigned Addresses

There are generally two types of IP addresses.

  1. Dynamic
  2. Static

The static IP address is a permanent address that does not change. This address is mostly used by companies that run their website all the time. This way the website can be accessed at any movement.

This address is provided by an internet service provider and is not secure enough compared to a dynamic address but is relatively more stable. The cost for its maintenance is higher and should be used when the computational data is less confidential.

A dynamic address is provided by the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP). Unlike the static address, it can change many times. Even rebooting the device can change the IP address. Because of constant, it is relatively safer than static addresses.

The dynamic addresses are less stable than static addresses but it is relatively safer. The cost of maintenance is less than that used by static addresses and it is more secure to handle data that is confidential.

The negative of Dynamic address is that a person can not run a web server as it becomes difficult to find the computer. This is why many service providers give static IP address services to make sure that such problems do not occur.

Security of IP Addresses

Cybercrime is performed by many people now. It has become a norm for people to perform work online and payment can be done by online applications. For any cybercriminal, it is easy to use your IP address to perform any work that can be dangerous to your life.

  • Pirates can gain access to many software through your IP which will get you in trouble for something that you did not do.
  • They can access your home address through IP if they have any thoughts of robbing you.
  • By accessing your IP, they can gain private information that will damage your business.


The IP address is the backbone of any communication medium. It acts as a beacon that allows the transfer of data on the internet without any problem or miss handle.