Add a Little Zing to your Work Fits with 4 Rimless Glasses

Add a Little Zing to your Work Fits with 4 Rimless Glasses
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Thanks to the fashion industry’s knack for nostalgia, Y2K trends are slowly taking over the 2020s and bringing back many trends that most millennials thought were forever shelved!

No matter where you look, whether it is your Instagram feed, the runway or top fashion magazines, Y2K trends can easily be spotted everywhere, and one trend that we never thought would back so early was rimless sunglasses. Rimless glasses can enhance your persona in a matter of seconds. So, if you are trying to give your style a makeover (one that is not too extreme), we suggest you start by revamping your eyewear selection. 

Here are some more reasons why rimless glasses or sunglasses are an excellent idea:

  • One word – Minimalism. If you really wish to experiment with your style, minimalism can be the perfect trend. Minimalistic fashion is a quiet but powerful statement, and you can easily complete your entire look with a pair of rimless glasses or sunglasses.
  • If you do not wish to draw attention away from your facial features, rimless glasses are the way to go! Unlike coloured, full-rim eyewear, rimless styles do not overpower your facial features. 
  • If you are in the market for some lightweight frames, there is nothing better than a pair of rimless glasses or sunglasses. They give you an extremely comfortable, barely-there experience without obstructing your vision. 

Now that we have convinced you to let us share some options that we guarantee you would love!

Wraparound Black

Wraparound Black

Since we had already mentioned the return of our beloved Y2K trends, it only makes sense to kick off our list with a pair of sunglasses that are a total blast from the past! Anyone who grew up in the early 2000s (yes, we are talking about all the 90s babies out there) remembers watching our favourite stars get all dolled up in their colourful outfits and pair of chic, narrow rimless sunglasses. Doesn’t this sleek pair remind you of just that? Because we sure are full of nostalgia right now. Additionally, these very Y2K rimless glasses have a wrap fit, sleek temples, adjustable nose pads for comfort and UV lenses for maximum protection. 

Timeless Aviators


Now that we are already talking about classic rimless glasses and sunglasses, how can we forget the OG classic sunglasses style – the aviator. Now we know that your guys are used to the idea of a sleek metal frame, even a thick plastic frame, if you consider modern styles. These frames, however, are a step ahead! Visibly rimless, these aviators are a must-have for lovers of classic and minimalistic styles. And with metal temples and 100% UV-protected lenses, we would love to make them a part of our eyewear collection!

Rimless Round

Rimless Round

And how can we forget round rimless glasses? As far as ‘trends brought back to life by millennials and Gen Z’ go, round frames deserve a spot on the list. The ultimate classic and timeless style, round frames are as old as the history of eyeglasses. Now we promise you that our pick of round rimless glasses looks NOTHING like those old-timey frames. They are an excellent example of a style that is equal parts classic and modern. 

Dapper Blue

A dead ringer of the clubmaster style frames, these semi-rimless glasses have rightfully earned their place on our list of must-haves. Now clubmaster sunglasses have been a fan favourite regarding revived styles, and these semi-rimless frames are a reminder of that. The dark blue colour of the frames and gradient lenses is perfect for both formal and informal events. Whether it is a lunch date or an evening out with the clients, you cannot go wrong with this pair!

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