Ashiana Amarah Review

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I work as a software engineer at a large tech company in Gurgaon. After 5 years in tech, I’ve always wanted to own a home. Ashiana Amarah was the right place for me to acquire an apartment. I wanted a budget-friendly apartment with excellent amenities and a good location. Ashiana Amarah met all those criteria. And here I am, writing my first-hand Ashiana Amarah review. 


Few Aspects I Was Considering in the New Home

Excellent location: I wanted to live near my work and with solid city connectivity. Ashiana Amarah is centrally positioned near the airport, metro, and main highways in Bangalore.

Great amenities: I wanted an apartment with a pool, gym, and kids’ play space. Ashiana Amarah amenities offer these and more.

Within my budget: I wanted a great apartment within my budget. Ashiana Amarah is inexpensive for its superb structure and facilities.

How I Came to Know About the Ashiana Amarah Project?

While attending a real estate exhibition, a fellow attendee mentioned the project in passing. I looked into it further, and what I found thrilled me. The project’s design and the Ashiana Amarah reviews it has received convinced me to check it out in person.

The welcoming attitude of the personnel, the spotless appearance, and the palpable sense of community during my visit all contributed to my decision. In Ashiana Amarah, I found where I would spend the rest of my life.

Ashiana Amarah Amenities to Enjoy

The clubhouse served as the centre of community life, with a fully-stocked fitness centre, comfortable common areas, and ample room for hosting and attending events.

  1. Surrounded by beautiful vegetation, the pool provided a tranquil and stimulating environment to exercise and unwind.
  2. While I don’t have any kids, I did notice and appreciate the project’s efforts to make the area welcoming to families.
  1. The gated community and high-tech security measures ensured that my family and my safety were always prioritised.
  1. All the rooms have incredible ventilation and natural light that will blow your mind.

4 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A Home In Ashiana Amarah

1. Reasonable Ashiana Amarah Price 

Ashiana Amarah stood out in the crowded real estate market as a cost-effective alternative that didn’t skimp on amenities. Considering the high quality of the features and the careful planning that went into the building, the Ashiana Amarah price was extremely reasonable. Its price range begins at 1.5 crores for 3 and 4 BHK apartments. 

2. Excellent Location

Ashiana Amarah’s exceptional location provided all the benefits of city living without sacrificing its peaceful, tranquil ambience. The central location made it convenient for me to get to my workplace and leisure spots. Ansal Plaza is within a 10-minute drive from the residence. From the Sector 21 Metro Station, get to Ashiana Amarah in under 10 minutes. The trip to IGI Airport is a quick 20 minutes. The drive time to the Taj Vivanta is about 20 minutes. The DDA Golf Course is a great place to spend my free time. In less than 25 minutes, you may reach National Law University. 

3. Kids and Family-friendly Homes

Ashiana Amarah’s emphasis on providing a healthy atmosphere for families struck a chord with me. Builders’ dedication to meeting all inhabitants’ needs was displayed in the kid-friendly amenities they created.

4. Trusted Builders

Ashiana Housing, the company responsible for construction, has an established reputation. Their dedication to their clients and history of successful projects gave me faith that they were a good investment. Ashiana identifies itself not as a conventional real estate entity but as a dedicated service provider. The emphasis is on creating comfortable homes and thriving, joyful neighbourhoods. The core of this endeavour, it is believed, goes well beyond the sphere of property and into the realm of fostering “happiness.” Not the financial figures on the balance sheet but the size of the grins on the recipients’ faces accurately indicates success. It is not surprising that the company has received numerous awards and recognitions, including being named one of India’s Top 10 Realty brands and recognized as the leading Senior Living Homes brand. Over 15,000 families can attest to the truth of this statement, for Ashiana is truly “home” for them. 

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