Best 5 Podcasts to Learn English

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Podcasts are really amazing and also people are getting used to them. They can not only entertain you but also educate you. Also, you will be able to do it while running, going to work, or on the way home, etc. 

If you are learning English, you can get very good help from them. They are another fun and effective way you can add to your language learning journey. There are loads of choices for you. But we did our research for you and listed the best 5 podcasts to learn English. 

We all know that you can not just learn English from podcasts. The best and most effective way to learn English is by taking lessons from a tutor. And AmazingTalker is the best choice for you. They can provide you with the best online English tutors at an affordable price. They take one-on-one online language classes which will help you to learn English perfectly. 



5 Best English Learning Podcasts

There are lots of podcasts that will help you to learn English. Now you might be confused about which one is the best pick for you. Do not worry. We have made your work easy. We have listed the 5 best podcasts. They are, 

  1. The American English 
  2. 6 Minute English
  3. The British English Podcast
  4. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories
  5. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Read down below to know more about them in detail.  


The American English 

The American English podcast is the first pick on our list. Their main topic is American English and American history and culture. The duration of their episodes is around 12 to 25 minutes. You will get to learn some short stories, facts about news, and learn expressions. This podcast is for the intermediate level. The genre of this podcast is American culture and history. Yes, the Transcript is available. It costs $39.


6 Minute English

6 minute English is an amazing podcast for learning English. This podcast is really helpful for improving podcasts. It can be a very good bet for you. This podcast is controlled by BBC Radio, they focus on vocabulary for particular situations. You can tell by the name that the duration of the class is 6 minutes. So it will be a very good pick for your busy schedule. Also, the transcript is free. So you will not need any extra money for this. They use an intermediate level of English. 


The British English Podcast 

 If you love the British accent, this is the one for you. They always have a British host. They mainly talk about British history, culture, and news. So their genre is British culture, history, and news. You can also learn about pub culture, cricket, and university life. But there is no transcript available. Their level of English is beginner and intermediate. 


Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

This Spotify original podcast talks about the investigations of true thrilling cases, crime scenes, and unsolved murders. This is a very interesting show. It is not only entertaining but also you can learn some new words to talk about the law, crimes, and police in general. The genre of it is true crime. There is no transcript available of this podcast. The recommended level of English is intermediate and advanced. 


Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

You might have heard about the famous Brene Brown. Breane is one of the best-selling authors. Over 40 million views have been generated from her TED talk on vulnerability. She talks about really deep and complex topics, like vulnerability, shame, and the permission to feel. The recommended level of English is intermediate and advanced. The genre of this podcast is self-development. Also, the transcript is available. 


We have talked about the Best 5 Podcasts to Learn English. Now you can choose the podcast which fulfills your needs. But podcasts are not enough to learn English. You need an English tutor to learn English efficiently. So we recommend you to visit AmazingTalker where you can get your desired language learning tutors online. You can see the schedule, ratings, etc of the tutors and choose according to your need. Not only English but also you will find other tutors for other languages.