Best restaurants in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is a city brimming with popular landmarks and invigorating activities, however over all an objective pleasures the foodie inside you! The best eateries in Hyderabad have been shortlisted for you to pick the one that best suits your taste. So while you are investigating the city’s verifiable destinations and landmarks, we gather together the top cafés, coffee shops and bistros in the city of Hyderabad to make your quest for delectable food simple and available. Follow prozgo to explore more places.


Abby’s Absolute Barbecue

This is perhaps the best spot to eat in Hyderabad that serves the renowned ‘Wish Grill’. It’s pleasant climate and speedy help make this a jam-pressed café, so reserving earlier spot would be a judicious decision. It has two outlets in the city, similarly great, so you can pick the one nearest to you. Cafes particularly value the eatery’s environmental factors as being reasonable for loved ones the same.

Badam House

Searching for a spot to fulfill your sweet tooth? Almond House is the spot to be! It serves cakes and desserts as well as one of the veggie lover cafés in Hyderabad. The spot is reasonable and can be visited for a speedy feast and sugar desires. This is probably the best spot to eat in Hyderabad for the people who hunger for sweets.

Punjab Grill

An ideal combination of North Indian and Mughlai food, Punjab Grill is probably the best spot in Hyderabad for a rich smorgasbord. Holding your seat is a decent choice as the spot is frequently stuffed. This is an incredible spot for loved ones to eat and bond over their #1 dishes, like Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken and other heavenly dishes. Booking a table at ‘party time’ permits you to get limits on your #1 dishes. Also find out what is ramp food.

TGI Fridays

If a thoroughly stocked bar, a region to smoke, WiFi and ecstatic nightlife is the thing you are needing, then visit perhaps the best café in Hyderabad for lunch at TGI Fridays. Their party time is 1+1 on drinks and a pitcher of lager with Tostada Chicken Nachos, which will make an exhausting and tiring Wednesday night quickly blissful and fulfilling.


Alluring stylistic layout, open to seating region combined with respectful and well disposed staff make Tattva one of the most mind-blowing food cafés in Hyderabad. Mocktails, Paneer Tikka, Nachos, Spring Rolls, one has such countless assortments to browse. Bites and fundamental courses, however their treats are additionally overwhelmingly popular. The eatery likewise offers valet administration and by and large is probably the best café in Hyderabad.

Bistro Baharo

The spot is renowned for its mouth-watering Haleem, Mutton Biryani, Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Vegetable Biryani and Butter Chicken. The assistance is quick and the rich and renowned biryani served here makes it one of the top cafés in Hyderabad. Best of all, the spot is very reasonable and two individuals can eat for around Rs 600 as it were! Searching for the best eateries in Hyderabad to taste the genuine taste of Biryani? Presently you know the spot to be. Anticipating supper with your loved ones? Look at Cafe Bahar which is one of the well known cafés in Hyderabad.

Cowpokes and Angels

Probably the best eatery in Hyderabad, Cowboys and Angels has a one of a kind and exciting menu very much like their namesake. A retro inside with live DJs, the feeling is only awesome! Obliging staff, a colossal assortment of food and beverages make this spot perhaps the best eatery in Hyderabad.


Represent considerable authority in North Indian and Mughlai, a portion of the heavenly dishes of this spot are Jumbo Prawns, Kashmiri Naan, Malai Kofta, Chicken Curry and some more. The spot is WiFi empowere and ideal for a smorgasbord or feast in. A relaxed feel and a well disposed staff make this spot a free zone to bond with your loved ones which makes it one of the renowned eateries in Hyderabad.

Smoky dad

One of the most current cafés in Hyderabad, Smoky Pitara is renowned for its veg smorgasbord and Mexican sizzlers. Their mouth-liquefying kulchas and naans draw in sightseers and local people the same. This is one of the veggie lover eateries in Hyderabad and an extraordinary spot for vegans searching for unadulterated vegan cafés. For the most part there are offers happening here which empowers you to catch limits and complimentary wireless internet resembles good to beat all! Searching for a few extraordinary eateries in Hyderabad? Smokey Box is a certain shot success.


The eatery works in Chinese and Continental cooking and gets not many rave audits. The feeling of the spot is easygoing and agreeable. Great help, flavorful cooking and an agreeable air make it probably the best café in Hyderabad India. It is encircled by probably the most ideal getaway spots in Hyderabad.

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