Top 10 Carrom Rules To Follow In 2022

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Carrom has been a part of our lives since our childhood. The game is one of the most widely played games among small groups across the globe. It is a board game that requires you to ace a few strategies to pocket the coins and earn points. Presently it is being played by thousands of people online. GetMega is one such platform where you can enjoy the intricacies of the game with many other players available online. Besides, the platform provides you with ample scopes to win price money. Worry not as it is a gamble which is certified and legally approved. Below are the rules that you need to follow to win the game online.


Rules to follow to win carrom online

Primary rules

  • Each game can be played by a maximum of 4 players. Each player will have a side of the square board to strike from. 
  • Each game of carrom adheres to the 29 points rule. Out of the 19 coins of carrom, the queen (pink or red coin) fetches you 5 points. 
  • On the other hand, the black and white coins are given 1 point each. That implies 9 points for the black coins and 9 for the white coins. 
  • Each time you strike the queen to the pocket you have to take cover. 
  • The game has 8 breaks in total. If you win the toss then you get the chance to break first. 
  • If you get 29 points before anyone else in the game then you will be declared the winner. 
  • If no one gets 29 points by the 8th break then you will get another break to play the game. In the 9th break, the winner will be decided.

Secondary rules

  • Coins or pieces that you are to return should be placed with the other coins in the middle of the board.
  • If you strike places one piece over the other then you should keep it as it is. It will be moved in the course of the game only. 
  • When your striker ends up below one of the pieces then you should take the striker off the place without disturbing the coin above. 
  • If your pocket a coin in the first chance then your pocketed coin will be placed on the board by an opposing player. This strike will be called a bounty.

Rule of breaking

  • The first short is the breaking of the game of carrom. The game is always started by players who play with white coins. 
  • The circle of coins formed in the middle of the board is struck by the first player hence breaking the circle. 
  • Every time you pocket a coin in your pocket you will get another chance to strike a coin. The process will continue till you fail to pocket a coin. 
  • Players must return their striker on the rectangles of their side before striking back.

Rule of turns

  • Every player gets their turn. If no coin is pocketed then the striker goes to the next player. 
  • However, you can keep on striking till you miss striking your coins to your respective pocket.
  • In a game of doubles, the players get their turn anti-clockwise. 

Rule of covering the queen

  • You can only cover the queen after pocketing it if you already have one of your coins pocketed. 
  • If you pocket the queen first then you can only cover the queen by sinking one of your coins. That implies you can keep playing after striking the queen to your pocket but can only cover it provided you pocket one of your coins in the next strike. 
  • In the opposite case, you will have to return the queen to the board. The queen is taken back to the board by the opponent. 

Rule of foul play

Several strikes can end up being fouls. The fouls happen in the following circumstances.

  • When you pocket the striker you create a foul.
  • On the other hand, if you strike a coin belonging to the opponent then also it is considered a foul.
  • It is also a foul when a coin strikes out of the board when you strike.
  • If you pocket your final coin before you cover the queen then you indulge in foul play.
  • Your strike will be considered a foul if you strike before perfectly placing the striker on your side’s rectangle. 
  • If by any chance you cross your arm through the diagonal line present on the board then it will be a foul. 
  • Failing to break properly in the first three attempts makes it a foul play.

Rule of strikes

  • How to strike the striker is an important decision-maker in the board game of carrom. If you strike your last coin when the queen has not been covered then you lose the game by 3 points if you score below 22. 
  • Your opponent can demand extra points if you strike a foul. 
  • If your striker goes to the pocket along with your coin then you lose 3 points. Besides, if your strike is not at par with the rules then the opponent can ask for additional points which are not fixed.

Rule of scores at every round

  • At every round, you can get an understanding of your score by counting the pieces remaining on the carrom board. For an instance, if there are 4 coins of your opponent remaining on the board then your score is 5. 
  • If you have a score below 24 and have already covered the queen then you get an additional 5 points. For an instance, if you have scored 6 points as per the available coins of the opponent then your point will be 11. 
  • After reaching 24 points you won’t get the additional 5 points for striking the queen to your pocket. 

Rule of scores at the end

  • The number of rounds is not fixed in this game. All the scores of each round are summated together. 
  • When one of the players gets 29 points first that player is crowned the winner. 
  • For an instance, if you score a total of 10 points in the first round. Thereafter, in the second round if your opposition wins by scoring a total of 9 points. And in the third round, if you score 12 points, this gives you 22 points. If your opponent gets the same points by the third game but you succeed him in the further rounds then you will be the winner.

Rules of directions

  • You are allowed to strike in any direction provided you are striking from your side of the square board. 
  • If it is favourable for you to strike a coin from a backward direction then you are allowed to do so. However, use only your index and thumb fingers to strike your piece. On contrary, in online mode, this point is not applicable. 

Carrom is fun to play anytime. It is a game that anyone can indulge in and find amusement in. GetMega is allowing you to play the game with your near and dear ones. You also get the scope of video conferencing with them to elevate the fun.