Causes For The Growth Of Online Shopping Industry

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For the past few years, we have all witnessed the rapid growth of e-commerce sites, but the growth rate of online shopping in Pakistan has increased immensely during COVID-19 and hasn’t stopped since then. As a result, the purchasing behavior of the audience also evolved towards online grocery and shopping. The concept of e-commerce was first popularized by well-known companies like Amazon and Alibaba, who began offering high-quality products and ensuring that customers were happy with their services. Earlier, delivery used to take days, but now most online stores commit to quick and same-day delivery. These hassle-free benefits encourage people to switch from going to the market to online shopping portals. 

Even after the quality assurance, if anybody gets a defective item, they can easily change it or return it free of cost. The benefits encourage people to shop for groceries online, and even more, they can purchase any item of their daily needs. The fact is 43% of the consumers share that it would be great if they never have to shop physically, while 73% of the consumers are looking forward to shopping online only from now on.


1- Every Hand Holds Smartphone

With the rise of the digital era, smartphones have become a necessity nowadays, which eventually is generating more traffic to online shopping portals. Portability triggers more sales as it gives people freedom and the opportunity to search for any product they need on their mobile at any time, wherever you are. In short, m-commerce is one of the major causes that promote e-commerce shopping. The brands and companies all focus on and spend more on responsive sites and apps with user-friendly interfaces, so the customers experience easy shopping.

Mobile phones play the most important role in the e-commerce industry as they build an intimate relationship between the customer and vendor, which results in the exponential growth of online shopping.

In addition, the regular advancements in technology, such as speedy connectivity, 4G, voice controls, and more, have caused a surge in the revenue of Pakistani online shopping portals. It makes it easy for people to look for what they are in search of, even if they do not know how to spell certain items or products. Furthermore, brand subscriptions and notifications from brands keep people up-to-date whenever a new product or offer drops.

2- Online Grocery Shopping

One of the reasons that people take to the markets is groceries and despite how busy they are, they have to make some time for it. Online grocery stores in Karachi save people from rushing to markets and waiting in the billing queue. All these hurdles can be sorted by doing groceries  from any online grocery store in Pakistan to never run out of things. 

3-Time & Labour-Saving

Shopping at the local market demands more labor and time, but as the world shifts towards the digital era, nobody has much time to go to markets to shop for their everyday needs. To look for certain things, going to different places for distinct items is exhausting, and nobody has time for it. Consumers prefer to shop by ordering from Pakistani online shopping sites to save their precious time and energy.

Customers prefer to save time, which is the main reason for switching to shopping online; therefore, concise product descriptions and a free delivery policy are always beneficial for shopaholics. Nowadays, customers can find the right size of clothes with online tools to get the perfect fit for themselves without going through long clothing lines.

4- Excessive Use of Social Media

Through innovative campaigns, paid advertisements, and other strategies, social media plays a significant role in promoting online shopping. Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are now becoming important platforms for e-commerce that help expand virtual stores. Not only Gen-Z but also millennials tend to spend most of their time on social media; the ads for products running on these platforms attract more audience to shop online. As smartphones continue to solve daily life problems, e-commerce and social apps are joining forces to influence audiences for online shopping.

5- Vast Range of Products & Retail

It’s easy to browse different e-commerce sites rather than going store to store physically to buy different products at once at lower prices. Thus, people who shop online tend to find more variety and in-style stuff at the lowest possible rates. In online stores, you can find products from different brands, and if you are unsure about any brand, you can search for it. The reviews on the online stores satisfy customers if the brand is worth buying or not.

6- Customised Shopping Experience

You have most likely experienced this yourself or maybe heard someone say that Facebook showed ads for the exact same products that they just mentioned before. This is because of the preferences and previous buying behaviors of consumers have been tracked to use this data for offering personalized buying experiences. This helps customers get easy access to the products they are looking for.

7-  Free Delivery

Nobody likes to pay the delivery charges, and online shopping in Pakistan with free home delivery is one of the strong tactics that attracts more audiences towards virtual shopping. People in Pakistan attempt to reduce their fuel expenses by taking advantage of free delivery offers due to rising inflation and fuel costs. Some of the renowned stores and brands follow a free delivery policy over certain criteria to get more traffic from the audience as it tends customers to buy more.


To conclude, all these above-discussed reasons show that e-commerce has spread throughout the world, and has become essential for every business and industry. The accessibility of online shopping 24/7 throughout the year allows easy and faster purchasing by avoiding unpleasant social interactions, crowds, and traffic.  It is evident that the trend of online shopping has become a way of life, filled with ease and convenience, making shopping more simple, easy, and hassle-free. 

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