Celebrities Who Wear Wigs Due to Hair Loss

Celebrities Who Wear Wigs Due to Hair Loss
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Men’s wigs are now becoming trendier than ever!  To combat hair loss and thinning or simply to give themselves a confidence boost, an increasing number of men are changing their appearance with the use of wigs and toupees. When celebrities who you look up to are participating in a trend, you know that it has crossed over into the normal. Hair replacement methods are used by a number of males who are widely recognized for their good looks and attractiveness.


At Lordhair, our customers frequently look to these famous people for ideas regarding the hair systems they want to purchase for themselves.  This article will share the list of male celebrities that simply rock toupees!


  1. Robert Pattinson


During the time that they were filming the Twilight movie series, Robert had Hollywood at his feet. He portrayed Edward Cullen, who was known for his famously fluffy brown locks. This helped him win the affection of millions of female fans of the Twilight movie. 

Pattinson disclosed the secret of the Edward Cullen appearance throughout a number of interviews, saying that he used a number of wigs and other hair solutions to achieve the desired effect. During the time when the actor was filming the series, he was in the middle of his 20s and suffering from baldness and hair loss as a result of over-styling his hair for other film parts. This solely indicates that younger guys can use hair wigs. 


  1. Daniel Craig

 Daniel Craig played the role of bond; he makes use of hair wigs.  Throughout the years, press images have shown that the actor is beginning to experience baldness, which has led to claims that he conceals the condition by using a sophisticated combination of men’s toupees.

  1. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew is a leading man in many of Hollywood’s most successful blockbuster films because he is often regarded as one of the most handsome guys in the industry. The peculiar manner in which he pulls his hair back into a smooth back ponytail is one of the most distinguishing elements of his appearance.

You might be excused for thinking that Matthew McConaughey got lucky with his hair, but the actor, who is now 51 years old, actually lost his hair during the 1990s. He has a full head of hair now. McConaughey is turning back the hands of time with the assistance of men’s wigs, which is the idea that all hairpiece manufacturers strive to recreate. The sexist man in Hollywood rocks a wig, so, why can’t you? 


  1. John Travolta


John Travolta is an example of a famous man who does not shy away from revealing the fact that he wears a wig. Most times, he has been spotted out in public without the wig he often wears, revealing his bald head. He then quickly changes into another of his wigs. Although the actor is becoming more comfortable with his natural baldness, he is still best recognized when he is on ‘toupee form’ (get it?!).

Through his appearance, John has demonstrated that toupees and wigs might be the ideal solution for guys who like to conceal their baldness only some of the time. 


  1. Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt, another notable Hollywood actor, is considered to be one of Matthew McConaughey’s competitors for the title of “Hollywood’s Sexist Man.” Brad Pitt has lush, dirty blonde locks, but in reality, he pulls off this deceptively natural look with the use of a toupee.

The news of Pitt’s hair loss made its way onto the front page of the gossip magazines after he appeared at an event on the red carpet with noticeable bald spots and a receding hairline. Pitt immediately regained his signature blonde locks with the help of a men’s wig, this has made him a proud member of the men’s toupees club.

  1. Al Pacino

Al Pacino has been experiencing hair loss and balding for quite some time. With the assistance of a variety of men’s toupees and hair systems, Pacino’s hair goes through frequent transformations between parts and during public appearances. The actor is living proof that making an investment in men’s wigs may allow you the ability to switch up your appearance and give you more choice over how you appear. 


  1. Sean Connery

Sean Connery was the first actor to bring the renowned character of James Bond to life on the big screen. Connery began losing his hair at an early age, but he hid the fact that he was going bald during his career as the famed British spy by wearing a variety of hair systems. 

 It was revealed that James Bond’s covert weapon was a toupee all along. Actually, the late Sean Connery wore one in each and every one of the first James Bond movies that were ever made.

Because of the genetic predisposition to baldness, Connery wore a toupee. Baldness affects most men today, but this problem is easily solved with a good men’s toupee.


  1. Charlie Sheen


He was at one time the television actor with the highest salary in the world, and he is still well-known for his outstanding performances. Although he has never confirmed it in public, there is widespread speculation that he uses a hairpiece for the majority of his acting roles and appearances in public. The toupees that he wears look wonderful on him and help him present an impressive presence overall.


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