Chicken Breeds In Pakistan

broiler chicken
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It is in our nature to like beautiful things. Some things are easy to see, while others have to be looked for. Not only is gardening an old hobby but so is keeping pets and birds in houses, huts, tents, farms, etc. This is a common hobby for people everywhere, whether they do it out of necessity or just for fun.

In Pakistan, millions of people raise beautiful birds and pets with a lot of love and care. Find here Pakistan’s cute chicken breeds.


White Leghorn

It is a white hen that is only kept to lay eggs. 80 percent of the production is reached in terms of a good environment, care, and production. That means that 80 of every 100 hens lay an egg every day during egg season.

Two and a half years is the average age. It is ready, and it starts to lay eggs in the seventh month. From the time a hen is born until it starts laying eggs.

Yes, less than 1,000 hens lay more than 22,000 eggs each month, and each egg sells at wholesale for Rs. 10. Even if the recurring costs are taken into account, a farm with 1000 chickens per month for two years still makes Rs. 1 to 1.5 lakhs or even more. This chicken lays eggs, and its meat takes a long time to cook.

Broiler Chicken

The most common type of chicken in Pakistan is the broiler. It is the heaviest of the white chickens that aren’t as big. In terms of production, the broiler is the most important item. And because it ripens quickly, it is used a lot. This kind of chicken isn’t able to lay eggs.

This chicken can only eat certain foods and take certain medicines. To understand the system and schedule, you need a lot of experience and a certain environment. It is bought with the help of agents. Different times and places have different prices for their seeds.

A chicken costs between 350-450 PKR (The chicken rate today is 400 PKR), and depending on the category, the first-class rate is a bit higher. In 40 days, this chicken will be ready. Most of the time, there are a thousand chicken farms. Producing a thousand chickens costs an average of three to three and a half lakh rupees, and a flock saves about one lakh rupees.

Sometimes you have to give and take because you’re sick, and sometimes you make too much money. It is most often eaten during Ramadan and Rabi-ul-Awwal, but it is also in high demand from October to March, which is the wedding season. This is a very profitable business if you are lucky, work hard, and make sure you have the right medicines at the right time.

Egyptian Chicken

This chicken has black and white spots on it. It has some of the same traits as the golden hen.

A crossbreed of Golden Egyptian

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Most eggs come from this hen (over 250 per year). Its egg is called “Desi,” and it sells for more money than the egg of a White Leghorn. Most of the time, it is raised in open sheds. If the eggs are going to be sold for food, there is no need for the male bird. But if the eggs are going to be laid in a hatchery, one male hen is raised for every ten female hens.

March and April are the best months to raise chickens for farming. This way, the hen starts laying eggs before winter even starts, and you can get the best price for these eggs. After a year, the chicken is usually sold for meat and a new one is brought in. If you do this carefully, it can be very rewarding.

Golden Hen

It is red and gets a lot of care and attention. It eats favorite foods and is about four years old on average. It can lay eggs after six months. It has very tasty meat. This chicken is raised in small mud rooms. Even in big cities, it can be made on a small scale.

This hen doesn’t lay eggs, but the ones that do are fertile. Its eggs are a little bit brown. If the disease is under control, people in the villages of Punjab call it a “golden egg-laying hen.” This is likely why it is called “Golden.” This type of hen lays eggs that don’t hatch in the winter and summer.


This is the most valuable and rarest kind of chicken. It sells very well on the market. This type of chicken is often used in village fair fights and is sold by the thousands.

The small hen hatches after laying 10 to 15 eggs, while the big hen takes 35 to 40 eggs to hatch. The eggs are then ready to hatch. If she lays eggs, she hides them under her wings for 21 days while she eats only simple foods. After that, the chicks hatch. She also takes care of her chicks for about four months and teaches them to eat grains. Its eggs can also be used to make more of them.

This chicken weighs between 3 and 4 kg. Because it is so tall, its meat is also tastier. But people only keep this breed to get chickens to sell for a high price when they need to.

Even though this hen is valuable and expensive because it doesn’t lay eggs, no extra care is taken to raise it. Because of this, its generation is slowly dying out.

Desi Chicken

Now, you can find these chickens in the country. Usually lays about 20 eggs, which then hatch. If you want to take more eggs, you have to take them out of the eggs first. If you bathe them twice a day, they will be back to normal in two days, but it will take at least 15 days before they can lay eggs again.

Domestic Chicken

This chicken has a lovely look. It doesn’t have any feathers on its neck, but its head has a few. This chicken is a local breed. It also makes a lot of good eggs. This breed is about average height-wise.

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