Commercial Laundry Service Tips: How to Care Your Commercial Pant

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You have bought a pair of corporate pants for work and want to ensure they last a long time. How well you treat these pants will determine how long they last. Generally, everyone assumes that the best way to care for their business-appropriate jeans is to wash, dry, iron, and fold them. You can hire a professional commercial laundry service for extra care.

However, if you want your pants to last long, there are other considerations. Your pants should be in good shape if you want them to perfectly match other things in your wardrobes, such as your blazers, shirts, and shoes. Here are some tips you should be aware of to keep your pants looking brand new.

Washing your pants

  • Washing in a machine

Before washing your jeans, read the care instructions because failing to do so could result in their deterioration. Washing wool, quality polyester, and cotton pants in a washing machine are best. 

Hand washing is an option for delicate cotton, wool, and silk.

  • With water, test the material of the pants:

You need to run a quick test before you wash. All you have to do is lightly sprinkle some parts of the pants with water, ideally the unnoticed edges. Additionally, you might put some of the detergents you want to use on the moist area of your pants before rubbing your fingers through them. If the color washes off, you must take it to a professional commercial laundry service.

  • Turning the pants

To protect them, turn the pants inside out and put them in a mesh bag. This protects the buttons from dislodging and reduces fading.

  • Wash the pants on a gentle cycle with cold water

Put a sizable amount of mild detergent and cold water in the washing machine and the mesh bag containing the pants. 

Turn on the washing machine and set the mild cycle for washing. 

Take the pants out of the washer when the cycle is finished.

Drying your pants

  • Using a tumble dryer

Your work has been made easier if you have a tumble dryer. 

To remove some of the moisture from your jeans, use the spin cycle. Then, put a dry towel in the dryer to absorb any water that paints splotches onto your spinning pants.

Additionally, choose a certain period for the ideal level of heat. If the pants are still wet, re-dry them in the dryer for a few minutes to finish the job.

  • Air drying

Air drying is suitable if you don’t have a tumble dryer. The wet pants should be rolled in a dry towel and gently pressed to drain the water. Spread the pants on the line and use clips to secure them if your home has a clothesline.

  • Use a hairdryer

Even after drying, you may feel moist because some of your jeans may not dry. If you need to dry these damp areas quickly and have a hairdryer nearby, do so. Be careful not to burn the fabric by doing this.

Ironing your pants

  • Confirm if or not you can iron the pants

Many pants come with washing and ironing instructions. For the manufacturer’s instructions, look at the tag. The ideal heat settings for ironing the pants may occasionally highlight on the tags. Nylon, polyester, cotton, wool, linen, and denim pants can typically iron.

  • Use a flat base

It is best to use a flat surface, such as an ironing board, to remove creases effortlessly.

  • Water should add to the steam chamber of the iron

Nowadays, a lot of irons come with a tiny water tank. The steam the water creates while you iron helps remove wrinkles and folds.

  • Clean your pockets

Generally, laundry services iron the pockets first to avoid wrinkling the fabric further. So, remove the front and rear pockets, then lightly iron them.

  • Lay out the jeans on the surface

There isn’t yet a set method for ironing pants. Beginning with the top and waistline is an option, as is starting with the pant legs.  Ensure the iron is set to a low temperature to avoid damaging the fabric.


It makes sense that not everyone has the luxury of time to wash, dry, and properly store their pants. While focusing on other activities, you can hire Hello Laundry to take care of the laundry. Pants require much care and attention to maintain, which is what a commercial laundry service provides.