Complete Guide on How to Open an Online Fashion Side Hustle 2022

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An online fashion side hustle is a type of project or employment that allows you to generate supplement income. Due to the freelance and project-based nature of online side hustles, many people are adopting them. Actually, the most recent reports show that around 44 million Americans have a side hustle and around 36 percent of them make over $500 per month from part-time jobs.  

A fashionable side hustle comes with many benefits. First, it allows you to generate additional income while honing your skills. Secondly, online side hustles are inexpensive to start and they offer you a chance to reach customers from all corners of the world. All you need a stylish fashion logo design and a good platform to sell your products.  

Even more, starting an online side hustle means that you will work 24/7. But which steps should you follow when starting one? Here are the steps.  

Step 1: List Your Marketable Skills  

Identify your unique marketable experience, skills, and your areas of interest. After that, list the objectives for starting the online fashion side hustle and consider how you can mesh together the skills, goals, and interests to find the first gig.  

If your main goal is to make some extra money, focus on the simple gigs that can make you easy cash. For example you can sell imported accessories. Alternatively, you can search for a side gig that is similar to your day job. For example, if you are a fashion designer, search for easy fashion design projects on freelance platforms such as or  

Individuals interested in self-employment should consider their interests and hobbies when selecting an option. A quick example, if you are passionate about jewelry, you can try to sell jewelry supplies online or learn a new skill.  

Step 2: Compare the Low-Risk Online Side Hustle Ideas  

The internet offers unlimited business opportunities and it will connect you to around 60 percent of the world population. However, the reach and unlimited opportunities come with a lot of noise, and possibly, that is the reason it has taken many years for us to see online side hustles start working for some people. While many people tried before, their models were a form of prototypes and sketchy.  

When choosing a fashion side hustle, focus on selecting one that allows people to sell their products, one that is easy, fast, and convenient to start, and one that you can brand and develop as yours. Also, focus on selecting a side hustle that allows you to attract many customers and retain them for a long time. Some of the best side hustles to try to include social media marketing, selling on ecommerce stores, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing.  

Step 3: Determine the Amount of Time to Allocate for the Side Hustle  

The second step involves determining the amount of time you would want to allocate for the online side hustle. Even though there are many tools and resources to help you manage your responsibilities, you have to commit adequate time for the additional work. Therefore, consider your ideas and do enough research to determine the effort they will involve.  

The best thing to do is create a new work schedule and budget for the side hustle. Decide on whether you would want to dedicate all your free time to the side hustle or part of it. Doing that will help you know the amount of work you can handle, particularly if you are planning to keep your day job.   

Step 4: Budget for the Side Hustle  

Like offline side hustles, an online fashion side hustle will cost you money. For example, when starting an ecommerce fashion store, you will have to set aside enough money for the logo design, brand identity, functionality, fulfillment, marketing, and maintenance. The amount of money will highly depend on the type of products you intend to stock and how you intend to sell them.  

So, will your side hustle involve procurement of materials and production of the products to sell? Does it require you to maintain an inventory or to invest in dropshipping? Will you need to invest in software tools or equipment to pursue the online side hustle ideas? You will have to answer such questions when budgeting for the side hustle.  

Step 5: Consider the Legal Obligation  

Testing the waters before you legitimize an online side hustle as a legal entity is important. Does the law require you to register as a sole proprietor to start the side hustle? Is collection and remitting of sales taxes important? You have to answer the questions before starting the online side hustle. Consult a local tax professional so that you can avoid violations that might derail your success.  

Step 6: Build Your Business Website and Branding 

People will start taking you seriously after establishing a responsive website for your side hustle. Even more, a website comes with many benefits, such as enabling people to find your services and to reach you easily. It will help you close sales that you would otherwise lose. Here are the steps to follow when building a site for your side hustle.   

  • Choose a domain name that matches the services or products that you plan to offer.  
  • Decide on the number of pages, topics, and categories you should cover.  
  • Create a logo online design and brand identity. 
  • Choose a stylish color palette and header graphics for the website and also use them on your social media channels  
  • If you would want to accept payments through the website, then you have to choose a payment gateway. Some of the available options include Square, Stripe, and PayPal.  
  • State your services, prices, schedules, policies, payment options, and return policies clearly. 

Step 7: Differentiate Your Side Hustle from the Competitors 

Unless your side hustle involves creating new products or services in their class, you will be positioning it against the established players. Therefore, the competitors will do anything possible to outperform your services or products and nab most of your customers. To prevent that from happening, remember to secure your side hustle by differentiating it from the competitors. You can do that by adopting aggressive sales tactics, setting a low price, and offering unmatched customer services.   


A fashion side hustle offers a great opportunity for you to save extra money, pay off your debts, and do something new. However, before starting an online side hustle endeavor does enough research so that you can whether it makes sense for your goals. Keep in mind that the process of setting up an online side hustle takes time and it might take you more time and effort to start making money. 

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