Coronavirus Dashboards and Apps

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Coronavirus dashboards and apps are valuable tools for health care providers and hospitals. They allow physicians and other medical personnel to view summary health statistics and refer them for future research. They also serve as educational tools for patients and the general public. Dashboards can be customized by filtering data by date of illness onset or vaccination administration.


A new app and dashboard for a state-funded contact tracing program are available for download. Gov. Gina Raimondo introduced this program to help Rhode Islanders with the epidemic. It requires GPS permission and saves location data on the phone. Users can view and review these locations and can turn off location tracking. To disable location tracking, swipe left on the crush COVID app icon and tap the cog icon. This will reveal the settings menu.

The state of Rhode Island is rolling out a new contact tracing mobile application called “Crush COVID RI.” The app allows residents to track their travel histories, monitor symptoms, and connect to a testing center if they think they have been exposed to the virus. It is available for iPhone and Android devices and will help state health officials track the spread of the disease. However, privacy concerns have been raised about the program. The ACLU of Rhode Island urges the state to subject the app to an independent audit and protect users’ privacy rights.

Care19 Diary

You may have heard about the Care19 Diary for Coronavirus Apps if you have a smartphone. These apps track nearby phones and alert the WDH if you are exposed to the virus. They use GPS location data to pinpoint areas where you’re likely to contract the virus. Additionally, users can opt-in to receive notifications from others if they test positive for the disease.

In addition to Care19 Diary, other tools can be used to monitor your exposure to COVID-19. For instance, you can get an alert by combining the Care19 Diary and Care19 Alert apps. This new tool will alert you when you are at risk for COVID-19 and protect your privacy.

The new tool includes information about the current outbreak, trend visualization, and interactive mapping. It also contains videos on the Coronavirus and public health information. The editorial team is constantly adding information to the tool as it becomes available. To help you stay informed, you can download the free app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

The research team tested 13 apps in ten countries, analyzing contact tracing technologies. All of them were free to download. The inclusion criteria ensured that the sample represented the most significant number of countries declared COVID-19 epicenters. In addition to that, they included countries with low and medium infection rates.

PNP coda

CODA Audio has released its new PNP Coda , a compact, the lightweight objective that is easy to install and use. The compact design makes it a perfect addition to living performances and conference rooms. The new features make it easy to use and convenient to carry.

PNP CODA is free for both PNP officers and the general public. The PNP CODA dashboard is a great way to see all the data in the database and even input it from a computer or mobile device. For example, you can enter a patient’s date of birth or first name and view the number of cases treated.

The PNP Coda dashboard gives users a comprehensive disease overview, including trends, prevalence, data communication, and more. It also has graphs that are easy to read. The dashboard allows healthcare providers to manage patient records and help the government track disease. You can access PNPCODA using your Covid account.

The PNP CODA website has valuable information about Coronavirus and the vaccination process. It also has educational videos to help you learn more about the virus. The PNP CODA website is free to access and use and is a valuable resource for researchers and health professionals. The data it contains is up-to-date and accurate.

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