Creating a Program for Employee Appreciation and Recognizing Their Colleagues

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You might have heard that employee performance reviews benefit greatly from the inclusion of peer-to-peer recognition. A well-established peer recognition programme, on the other hand, raises morale, participation, and teamwork among workers, making the workplace a better place to spend time and effort for everybody.

This manual is intended to serve as a starting point for anybody interested in developing a peer-to-peer recognition scheme. An effective peer feedback programme has five stages: planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.


The Value of Acknowledgement from Colleagues

Employees express their appreciation for one another in front of their coworkers. Because anybody on the team may applaud another’s efforts, these initiatives boost participation from everyone. Peer to peer recognition programs is selected with input from both management and staff. The number of people taking part in the programme has been proven to rise dramatically:

  • The Role of Employee Engagement in Increasing Productivity
  • Connections and teamwork
  • Productivity
  • Employee Confidentiality
  • Staff Retention

An appreciation culture can be established by informal peer recognition, but a structured programme can help to embed the practice more deeply in the workplace culture.

How to Design an Internal Appreciation Scheme

Learn how to implement Peer to peer recognition programs that will permeate your organization’s culture by reading this.

Set objectives

Will the program’s success depend on its ability to boost employee morale and keep them from leaving the company? Is it to facilitate more teamwork and output? Or, perhaps, it’s so that supervisors have more opportunities to get to know their employees before doing annual assessments. Could be a combination of the factors listed. To begin creating your programme, it is important to first define its purpose and ensure that all relevant parties are on the same page with its objectives.

Similarly, you need to establish goals that can be evaluated. Within two months of the program’s launch, for instance, “this is effective if all workers have received and contributed at least one piece of good feedback.”

Pick out several instruments and techniques

Everyone may feel welcome when there is a single, convenient place where they can get acknowledgement from their peers.

The offline feature serves to root the software in reality. Two or three minutes at the outset of a company-wide meeting may be set aside for employees to express gratitude to their coworkers.

Inform workers about the initiative.

Schedule some time during the next staff meeting to roll out the new peer recognition scheme or do an initial mini-training. It’s all about adoption. The success of a peer recognition programme depends on its use by employees.

Show the way

Staff members frequently turn to management to serve as role models when it comes to implementing new programmes or approaches. Managers should show appreciation not just to employees but also to their peers in other departments and their superiors in the company after the initial launch.

Keep an eye on things and push for them

Managers should be on the lookout for noteworthy occasions and urge their staff to be the ones to provide the complement if there seems to be a pause in peer recognition. Catalysts are often necessary for such programmes.


In order to maintain the importance of complimenting one another in the minds of workers at all times, encourage them to keep a copy of the document in their workspace. Recognizing and thanking employees will eventually become second nature to your staff, and they will provide the groundwork for a strong culture of gratitude at your organisation.

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