Design Your Engagement Ring: A Guide

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Here comes the most coveted day of your life, your engagement! The day when sweet whispers of butterflies in your stomach make way for a happily ever after, and why not? For the beauty you are, you are certain to embrace all the wonders of the world and happiness beyond apprehension. Your charm, your light, and your aura, all inspire and leave us stunned, as you walk down the aisle towards the smiling face of the man, you promise to share your life with!

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Speaking of embracing all the wonder, calls for the much revered and talked about thing. Yes, that’s your engagement ring. An engagement ring defines your love, and dedication, carrying a beautiful significance of how timeless, rare, and glowing your love is and will only get stronger in due course of time.

Make Your Extra Bling

Engagement rings are precious rare and everything that orbits around beauty. For once in a lifetime, will your love slip in a stone that shall set a reminder for both of you that your lives now connect together, sparkle together. So why not make it extra special?

Among an array of designs that our collections feature, you must want to decipher more and go that extra mile to enchant your wedding ring with your choice of setting, cut, and size of the glowing diamond. So here’s a surprise, for you we offer Design Your Own Engagement Ring, offering multiple trendy and royal engagement ring settings for you to choose from. Already excited? We can hear your happy heart and your smiling face!

Allow us to take you through our unique and easy process that helps you design your much-loved and admired wedding ring.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Designing your engagement has never been this easier and more fun before. Our range of enticing stone cuts, designs, and regal engagement ring settings have garnered love from everyone for they enable you to create your own spark, the way you love!

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Step 1: Choose Your Ring Setting

From an expansive range of offerings, you can choose your very own style that fits your grace, matches your style, and elates your persona. Our engagement ring settings include Adrianna Setting, Mallory Setting, Hannah Setting, Isabelle Setting Dasiy Setting, and Anita Setting, to name a few. Every setting hold a unique style and is available in varied gold metal colors like white, yellow, rose, and carat type – 14k, or 18k.

Each metal design is uniquely crafted with utmost precision, and made available in multiple designs, giving you a wide spectrum of choices.

Step 2: Choose Your Diamond

This has to be the most exciting part of creating your engagement ring. You can pick lab-grown diamond shapes like Round, Square, Oval, Princess, Pear, Asscher, Emerald, Cushion, and alike. For some, the iconic and timeless Round Cut brilliance embodies grace and infinite love, and for others, the Emerald Cut defines prowess and royalty. Choose the one that allures your eyes, matches your beauty, and radiates your shine, spectacular.

Also, while selecting the shape of stone, pick the most desirable color from an array of eye-widening prismatic possibilities. Lab-created colored diamonds are a thing these days for their visual appeal and luster. We leave that to you, whether you want to go the basic yet brilliant way or don a fancy intense hue.

Select the Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Intensity of the colored stone, if color is what you choose, and that’s it. Sit back and relax. Now our craftsmen give shape to your ethical and regal choice!

Once an order is made, your wedding ring shall be dispatched and conveniently delivered to your doorsteps, in 4-6 working days.

We toil to create 100% pure lab grown diamonds and jewelry, as we believe that we all deserve that glimmer but not at the cost of our planet and people’s health. Our conscious choices and methodologies have been earning us a great reputation worldwide only inspiring us to create profound and timeless designs that blend seamlessly into your aura, your beauty!

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