Difference Between Two Similar Gem stones – Moldavite vs. Malachite

Difference Between Two Similar Gemstones - Moldavite vs. Malachite
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Moldavite stone and Malachite are both great gemstones that have been used for millennia to fulfill commercial and healing purposes. But due to similar name and same color, they create confusion among stone healers. Both have different histories and healing properties as well.

Let’s examine how Moldavite differs from Malachite and the primary features that make them different stones from each other. After reading this blog, you will be able to differentiate between these two fascinating crystals, and you will be in a position to find fake or original crystals. Let’s start from the basics.


The basics- Moldavite vs Malachite

Malachite- the stone of protection

Malachite is an extraordinary green-colored gemstone, carrying ferns like peacock feathers on its surface. The term has taken from the Greek word Mallache which means ‘green.’ It carries an opaque nature in appearance, including some banded rays.

Malachite is a softer crystal than other harder gemstones that runs between 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale of hardness, requiring gentle care. Apart from that, the specimens of this beautiful mineral can be found in shades ranging from dark green to pastel green and sometimes light green. The exquisite quality of malachite can be found in Zambia, Congo, Gabon, Namibia, and Mexico.

The enduring Malachite stone has been popular since ancient civilization; ancient Egyptians called it “a stone of God” that eliminates the threat of death and negative entities within whoever holds it since the enchanting crystal has been used as an amulet or jewelry form.

Besides having a golden history, the ambrosial gem is enormously famous among many gem lovers to take its super healing properties. Wearing the crystal in jewelry forms like a Malachite pendant or ring will help you align your heart and throat chakra. Further, Malachite encourages its wearer to achieve big in life and enhances wisdom, self-awareness, and willpower.

Moldavite- The stone of transformation

Moldavite is a component of tektite that has glassy nature. It’s not considered a mineral or rock crystal. The stunning Moldavite crystal formed from a volcanic crater impact that occurred around 15 million years ago in the Czech Republic. The volcano’s lava was strewn around the region and deposited in solid rock.

Moldavite, the splendid gemstone, is found in different green colors, including olive green, forest green, and deep green, making it an enthralling stone for gem lovers. In addition, it is a fairly long-lasting crystal, rating between 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Moldavite Ring - Rananjay Exports

Since crystal’s recognition, they have been used to create fine pieces of jewel ornaments like Moldavite Ring, pendants, earrings, and many more components. The elegant cut pieces of Moldavite are set in different metals, including 925 sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold.

Moreover, the stunning gemstone plays a crucial role for its wearer in healing aspects. Many stone healers believe that wearing the Moldavite jewelry soothes whoever holds it physically, mentally, and spiritually. In addition, since it is not a traditional birthstone for a particular month, so anyone can wear the captivating gemstone to get natural benefits of the crystal.

Tell the differences between Malachite and Moldavite

There are many differences between malachite and Moldavite that apart them from each other. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Malachite is a softer stone than Moldavite, per their different hardness ratings.
  • Malachite carries some green ferns like peacock feathers, whereas Moldavite does not embed such banding rays.
  • Generally, Malachite is more precious than Moldavite crystal in monetary terms.

Identifying fake Malachite

Since the price of Malachite is high, fake Malachite gemstones may be available in markets. However, you can find the synthetic or reconstituted version at a very low price, whereas the original Malachite is not cheap.

Malachite contains copper content in itself, heavier than glass and cold to the touch. Fake Malachite is created from plastic and clay, much lighter than the original one.

Genuine Malachite comes in green color with embedding banding rays like the agate crystals.

Identifying a fake Moldavite

Moldavite is one of the rarest crystals, so many sellers create fake Moldavite in their labs or factories to make large profits. So be aware while buying the Moldavite crystal the following points may help you to find a genuine Moldavite stone.

You can find gas bubbles under the stone’s surface and an asymmetrical texture.

Having a glassy nature but looks different from man-made glass. If your textured Moldavite looks shiny and lustrous, it is a perfect indication of a fake Moldavite.

Genuine Moldavites are always precious stones in monetary terms.

Final thoughts

I hope you have gained enough knowledge about Malachite and Moldavite stones and their healing powers. Combining Moldavite and Malachite may help you strengthen your inner as well as outer personality. Further, using these ambrosial crystals in meditating activities will help its user to get a higher spiritual level.

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