Does It Mean Anything When a Girl Gives You a Scrunchie? 

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Simply put, the girl is claiming you and marking her territory. The scrunchie is meant to message the other ladies to stay away from you. Therefore, a scrunchie is usually a symbol of interest.  

The signal may also convey other meanings. These meanings include a girl who is into you, is on your side, or likes you. However, it would help if you tried to read the whole picture as the meaning being conveyed may not be what comes to your mind. 

On the other hand, some interpretations claim that a girl wants you to kiss her if she gives you her scrunchie. However, you should tread with caution because not every lady who hands you a scrunchie wants you to kiss them. It would be an awkward situation if you were to misinterpret the gesture and go for the kiss to find out she was conveying another message.  


What Are the Types of Scrunchies 


Scrunchies today may have a variety compared to what there was in the past. Today they are made of velvet, satin, and silk. The designs can range from patterned, polka dot, or plaid. They may also be embellished with crystals or pearls. You will barely see a scrunchie that has plain fabric.  

Also, today’s scrunchies offer different sizes, unlike those from the ’80s and ’90s. They range from mini sizes to oversize, giving everyone a scrunchie to suit their needs. They are worn in different places, including the gym, grocery store, and office. Below are some of the types of scrunchies: 

Velvet Scrunchies 

You might have experienced an awkward shape below your head’s crown when you take a ponytail that you had for hours. Well, a velvet scrunchie can help with the dreaded ponytail bump. Velvet is also trendy and festive and reduces creases since it does not have a tight damaging fold. As such, velvet is hair-friendly and great for all hair types.  

Satin Scrunchies 

Satin scrunchies are best for type 3 hair (curly and coily) and type 4 hair. Another upside of wearing satin is that it does not absorb the moisture from your hair if the hair is wet. Moreover, you can wear your satin scrunchie while sleeping so long as your hair is not tied too tight.  

Satin scrunchies for curly hair offer hair-safe quality while being sophisticated and sassy simultaneously. They can be done for any occasion, especially a date night. You can try a half-up, half-down look, tying loose curls with a crunchie, and you will rock a nice look.  

Silk Crunchies 

Silk fabric is known to have many advantages, from sheets to pillowcases. With a silk scrunchie, you will not experience any creases or wrinkles on the skin. They also offer less friction, rubbing, and hair breakage by creating a smooth surface for your hair.  


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What Is the Meaning of having a Scrunchie on Your Wrist? 


If you may not have noticed, most trends from the ’80s and ’90s are finding their way back. And one of them is the wearing of scrunchies on the wrist. This is most prevalent among junior high schoolers. If you spend time around students, you will notice this return of the scrunchie. It will probably have new fabric, or the meaning for wearing one may have changed, but they are back.  

When you spot someone wearing a scrunchie on the wrist, this may not just be an accessory. For guys, a scrunchie is likely an indication that they are in a relationship with someone. It could also indicate that the guy was offered a scrunchie by a girl who likes him and likes her back.  


Who Is a VSCO Boyfriend? 


A VSCO boyfriend does not mean the guy is necessarily a VSCO boy. Regardless of whether the guy follows the trend and is not on VSCO, he is a perfect match for a VSCO girl because of being thoughtful and kind. The term VSCO boyfriend might be used as a connotation for the ideal boyfriend.  

Aesthetics for a VSCO boyfriend are sunshine, positive vibes, and beaches based on VSCO filters. The boyfriend owns at least a hoodie. And according to Urban Dictionary, a VSCO boyfriend is a guy who will give away his hoodie in exchange for scrunchies. Urban Dictionary further explains that it is a guy who will screenshot your snaps just because he thinks they are cute.  


What Does a Red Scrunchie Mean? 


A red scrunchie symbolizes power. During Heather’s first season, the red scrunchie or other of its variations were worn by characters in the movie. For instance, Heather Chandler wears red when she tries to take her life by taking pills in the bathroom. Suicide, in this instance, might have been depicted as a way of taking back control of her life.  

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There you have it. Someone out there is crushing on your teenager, and they reciprocate the love! You now understand why you might be seeing your teenage boy with a scrunchie on his wrist or why one or two of his hoodies might be missing. 


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