Factors to Consider While Purchasing Tailored Suits

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Suits have a certain appeal, making them a luxury clothing category. Since then, tailored suits have advanced significantly and are now a standard clothing option for weddings and other social occasions. They were traditionally worn for formal situations such as at work or at official meetings and parties. Undoubtedly, a distinct kind of suit is required for every event. You must wear a different case than you would work at a wedding. Therefore, it is essential to consider these design and stylistic factors while ordering a bespoke suit online. However, you can also explore the curated collection of these tailored suits at:antoinerubini.com

Here are the top 6 factors to think about while purchasing custom suits:


You might be surprised by how much tailored suits cost. Depending on your preferences, they may cost as little as a standard suit. The minor details of a bespoke case can significantly influence the cost. Making a budget so you know how much you can spend is excellent advice for first-time custom-suit shoppers. Compare the different options available to you before establishing a budget.


Your outfit’s colour might affect how it looks as well. On the other hand, custom suits allow the wearer to show their identity more freely. Depending on the season and how often you want to wear the case, you can select between a short black suit and a plaid in blue or green. It is simpler to restrict your selections while wearing a bespoke suit since you may choose the shade and colour that best fit your style.

Shoulders fit

It should feel as though your suit jacket’s shoulders are embracing your own. The coat is too small if they feel tight. It’s also overly huge if the shoulder seams extend past the natural line of your body, as they do for far too many office workers. Even seasoned tailors are wary of making changes to the shoulders since doing so might destroy your suit and is difficult and expensive. Nearly all other adjustments are possible, but if the shoulders are off, it’s time to put the item back on the rack.

Jacket’s Waist

Many suit jackets have what is known as a “democratic” cut, which is a polite way of stating that they are built to fit guys with a certain amount of middle-aged fat. Additionally, it suggests that if you are not one of these men, your jacket will seem boxy until your tailor takes it in at the waist. But be careful not to be overly pushy. Keep in mind that the item still needs to allow for movement. When the top button is fastened, you should be able to comfortably fit your closed hand there.

Hem In Your Sleeves

The issue of too-long sleeves is not any less destructive than the issue of pooled trousers. A quarter to a half inch should elapse between the end of your jacket sleeve and the end of your shirt sleeve. Better to expose a thin portion of the cuff. The sleeve of your garment is far too long if it touches your knuckles. If the cuff buttons aren’t working, this is a simple and affordable remedy; your tailor will just cut from the cuff up and then reposition them. It takes more time and money if the cuffs have functional buttons. It is necessary to lift the sleeve from the shoulder. Still, it’s preferable to the knuckle-grazing option.


An appealing button is a need while getting dressed for a business meeting or a fancy event. Buttons made of mother of pearl, plain glass, and plastic are among the options for bespoke suits. Ask your tailor any questions you may have; they can advise you based on your requirements and the design of your claim.