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    Games make our life more interesting. There are many different gaming studios that are willing to conquer our love. Today, everyone can find something special for themselves. Anytime you are tired from a hard-working day, chill out and play super sic bo online. Your boredom will vanish. We are going to talk here about the recent gaming news! 

Square Enix

     In 2021, Square Enix released the Endwalker add-on for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. At the start, in one of the locations, you could find a vineyard with low-poly bunches. The developers quickly fixed the problem, but during this time, the square grape managed to become a local meme and the hero of many art and screenshots.

    And now he is back, but not in the game, but in real life. Players attending this year’s Final Fantasy Festival in Las Vegas will receive gifts that include a toy version of a low-poly grape.

    Relax after hours of “farm party” with these truly wonderful Endwalker Crushed Grapes. If you ever feel out of sorts, just pick up grapes and remember how they used to be. Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC and PlayStation.

Cities: Skylines 2

    One of the problems with the original Cities: Skylines was the system for unlocking new types of public transportation. You can open new types of transport only when you reach a certain population: access to taxis and buses appears when there are 650 people in the city, but for cable cars, trains, trolleybuses, and monorails, thousands of inhabitants and the status of a Big or Small city are required. This means that before you can access these important services, you first need to build a city with thousands of inhabitants.

    The problem is that well-designed cities are built around public transportation systems like trains and trams. This works much better than first building a city that can accommodate thousands of people and then trying to squeeze public transport into an existing project. In other words, it’s much better to build paths before skyscrapers are built.

      Therefore, it is so important that in Cities: Skylines 2 new types of public transport will not be opened at a certain level of population. Instead, as revealed in a new Cities: Skylines 2 dev diary, public transportation options are unlocked with so-called “development points”.

    Unfortunately, we do not yet know exactly how you can earn these development points – this information will be revealed in a future diary. But it became clear that we can spend these points on choosing the type of public transport that we want to unlock next. Buses and taxis will still open with population growth, but after that, everything else will be available through development points, so the choice will depend on the player, not on the size of the city. 

     Cities: Skylines 2 is coming to PC and consoles in October. 


    Studio Sunset Arctic Games has published a release trailer for the unusual action game EchoBlade for consoles. The game will release tomorrow on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

    In EchoBlade, gamers need to take on the role of a blinded warrior who is in a dungeon. The goal of the players is to fight their way to freedom while fighting opponents along the way. Since the main character does not see, you need to focus only on the sound: the clang of the sword, the rattle of chains, armor, and other things.

     The title made its way to PC back in May 2022. It took the developers a little over a year to port the game to consoles.