Frequently Asked Questions on Apple’s iPhone

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If you are an iPhone user or planning to purchase an iPhone then you must know all these Frequently Asked Questions on Apple’s iPhone.




1. How do I make the battery on my iPhone yellow?

Ans. It’s quite straightforward. Simply activate the ‘low power mode,’ and the battery will be turned to yellow.

2. On my iPhone 11, how can I alter the battery icon?

Ans. Unless your phone is jailbroken, you won’t be able to completely modify the battery icon. You can alter the typical battery bar to a percentage display on a conventional iPhone for a better battery understanding. 

For this, you will require to click on the Settings and enable the Battery Percentage icon.

3. Suggest one best method to replace the battery image of my iPhone?

Ans. Only jailbroken phones can change their battery pictures. Jailbreaking your phone can destroy it and render it worthless. We don’t encourage taking such a big risk with the battery image.

4. Why is the percentage of my battery orange?

Ans. The battery percentage on your phone is orange because it is less than 20% charged. It’s a notice that your phone might be turned off automatically.

5. What is a charge indicator for a battery?

Ans. The battery charge indicator shows how much battery is left and provides you with an indication of how long you can go without charging your phone.

6. How can I make my battery icon bigger?

Ans. The stock Android software does not allow you to increase the battery icon. However, there are numerous apps available on Google Play that allow you to personalize the battery icon.

7. how to unpin a text message on iPhone?

Ans.  If you are an iPhone user then you should know how to unpin a text message on iPhone.
Go to Messages App on iPhone. Long press and hold the message. It will give you an option of Unpin Text Message.  Select Unpin. And this is how you unpin text message on iPhone. For more info, visit iOS Droids.

7. What color is your battery?

Ans. The PowerColor app can be used to color your battery. Download it to experiment with different battery colors.

8. Why isn’t my battery icon green and not black?

Ans. When your device is unplugged or is currently running on a battery saver, the battery indicator will appear black in color. It will turn green when you plug it in, indicating that it is linked to external power.

9. Can I Alter the Color of my iPhone’s Battery?

Yes! It’s feasible. You will find several options around you to change the battery color of your phone. But, among all of them, two of the methods are quite feasible. 

While there is no way to change the color of your actual battery, here are some methods for changing the shade of your iPhone’s power symbol using iPhone settings and Cydia tweaks.

Because each strategy has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, it is best suited for different people and situations. The important message is that all of these approaches are effective—just choose the one that best suits your needs.

We’ve gone over a few different ways to alter the color of the iPhone’s battery indicator in this article. You can use those methods to change the battery color icon of the phone as well as you do get a chance to change the appearance or look of the phone.