Get 5 Cat Eye Glasses to Get Those Envious Stares

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A casual scroll through beauty and lifestyle trends on social media in recent months will point out the emergence of the ‘lifted look’. Brushed-out brows, high contour, winged eyeliner and even lifted concealer is the new beauty trend. The upswept look is one that has arrived in tandem with the freshness of summer and a new season, which is why working this style into our wardrobes can be an interesting way to experiment with our style.

One of the most effective ways to get this look without the effort of makeup is to pair some cat eyeglasses with a high-up hairstyle. If you are in a time crunch but want to add the youthful touch of the upswept look to your ensemble, wearing a pair of cat eye glasses is sure to work in your favour. The characteristic and classic pointed corners of cateye women’s sunglasses have stood the test of time and remained one of the most versatile style choices you can make. Therefore, if you are looking to spark some intrigue and get some envious stares here are some options for sassy cat eye glasses to up your style quotient.


Born to be Bold

The fundamental thing to remember when it comes to statement eyewear for women, is that cateye women’s sunglasses are the inception of everything feminine in eyewear fashion. Cat eye glasses in black paved the way through an abundance of male-centric designs and created a niche for itself. These cat eye sunglasses in black are a must-have for your collection if you are someone who enjoys incorporating the classics into your ensembles for a timeless look.


New Age Glow

One of the best syntheses of new age trends in eyewear, this pair of cat eye glasses in gold is the perfect accessory for every occasion through every season. The large, tinted lenses add a glow to your features which makes heads turn wherever you go. A fresh take on a classic design, these cat eye sunglasses have a chic and regal aura because of their golden hue. You can pair these cat eye glasses with a variety of looks since they will never go out of style.


The Pilot Pair

This pair of cateye women’s sunglasses are also a combination of aviator style glasses with cat eye lenses. The large lenses of these cat eye glasses are held within a grey frame which has a muted and stunning finish. The pointed frames are even more apparent when seen in a lightweight frame, and the characteristic double-brow line of pilot frames makes for a memorable design. A true mix of the best trends in eyewear, this is one piece that belongs in your collection.


Peppy and Poised

Some cat eye sunglasses are meant to become your signature as soon as you wear them, and this pair is the perfect example of the same. With a unique two-toned design, these cateye women’s sunglasses are the perfect pick for the stylish and eccentric. The front of the frame is in an animal print, whereas the rest of the frame is in a cool blue that runs all across the frame right up to the temple tips. This pair can be a statement piece to add a pop of colour or individuality to your casual looks or to maximize on style for a special occasion.


Pretty in Pink

If a pair of sunglasses could be described as dreamy, these cat eyeglasses are the ones worthy of that moniker. The light pink lenses, along with the metallic pink corners, are an iconic silhouette that perfectly celebrates the resurgence of the ‘millennial pink’ across runways and red carpets this season. If you are looking for a pair of cat eye sunglasses that effortlessly make you look like a chic Barbie off-duty, these are the glasses for you.


Hence, investing in a pair of cat eye glasses is not only the most fun style choice across women’s eyewear but also an ode to the best of fashion. While most designs in cateye women’s sunglasses may seem dated, brands like Titan Eyeplus are constantly offering fresh takes on the classic for you to make your pick from.