Get Many 5-Star Google Reviews Quickly!

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A few factors are essential to get many positive 5-star reviews on Google. But the most important thing is that you understand the importance of your reviews on Google. Because most people first search for opportunities on Google & then look at the reviews as the 2nd.

Knowing this should help you focus on it. Of course, you can expand the whole thing endlessly… But first, I’ll show you how you can get a flood of new reviews on Google.

How do I get lots of reviews on Google fast? In short, the most important thing is asking satisfied customers to rate your business. Since asking each customer individually is exhausting, it makes sense to automate the process and give something away in exchange for the rating.

Let’s start with the basics to understand the whole process. You can buy google reviews to increase your business rating, but it could be a better practice. We never recommend purchasing google ratings, but it’s a way to enhance your brand credibility.  

What does a rating mean for you and your customers?

It is usual for some to leave a review when they buy something or have been to a restaurant. Others, on the other hand, need help to figure out how or where to write a review. Additionally, some people want to stay out of it and prefer to tell their friends their “rating.”

So it’s “normal” when people don’t want to rate you at all, even though they are over the moon with your product/service. Also, some people don’t want their names to appear anywhere on the internet. There can be several reasons for this.

Possibly to show “no one” where they were or when. What could also be the case is that they don’t have a Google account (or don’t know they have one) and, therefore, can’t rate. But apart from all the points, it’s about those who want to evaluate you and can.

Of course, those who had already evaluated you before they came to you are also not “to be considered.” I don’t mean that these people are unimportant. But you don’t have to worry about these people. Reward yes, prompt no. 

What is essential to you when you get permanent  reviews? That is also very easy to answer. Your (probable) behaviour is also crucial for this. When was the last time you ordered something on Amazon? Most of the time, you will get many suggestions for a product you are looking for.

Of course, the large selection makes things easier for you. You can search or compare for a short time. However, if you find three suitable products, what do you take?

The one that is 2$ cheaper and only has ten reviews or the slightly more expensive one with 400 reviews? You know what those 2$ could cost you. Assuming the product is worse than the other one for 2$ more, then you have to be angry about the bad buy, send the thing back, order something new, and the whole thing takes you a whole week.

So what should a rating on Google be worth to you? So many! This is an investment in the future of your business. Let’s say you have a restaurant or a gym. Then the location that has more positive reviews will undoubtedly be preferred. 

The effect is not necessarily “active” visible but is characterized by more visitors and clicks on your website. So your “passive” customer growth increases. If you spend $10 on a review and have 500 reviews on Google, that will bring you significantly more than $5000 in the long run. [This is an extreme value that will probably not occur and should not induce you to buy reviews!]

How many reviews does your competition have?

A hugely important fact. You need to know who the competition is and how big the competition is to avoid making mistakes in business. So be up-to-date to find out how big your competition is. 

In addition, your competitors’ ratings are an essential point of reference for you. That means you can see what the competition is doing right/well & also read what bothers people in the bad reviews. 

So get an accurate picture of what you need to offer to beat the competition. Surveys outside of your customer base also give you important clues. 

It’s also not recommended to ensure you get just one more rating than the competition. Instead, try to get 50% more reviews. It might seem impossible at first, but I can reassure you. Even if it takes some time, it’s doable. The effort will be worth it, I promise you.