Going With the Western Fashion Craze to Channel the Cowboy Energy!

Going With the Western Fashion Craze to Channel the Cowboy Energy! (1)
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The Western trend has been growing since 2017, with designers expressing their love affair with the cowboy look by dressing big-name celebrities in such clothing. Some brands made this imitation of a Wild West look more accessible to those who could not afford it otherwise. Since then, the cowboy trend has gained traction within America and European countries, featuring notable appearances on social media. You can think of rapper Lil Nax X sporting a pink cowgirl suit and actresses like Kim Kardashian covering her body in leather chaps as part of her everyday style. 

Alongside fringes and other patterns like brown cow prints or vibrant flared, ruffled skirts and pointy boots, fashion accessories like cowboy hats for women help sustain the legitimacy of this western-style trend. But now that you have heard about this western trend, it is up to your fashion sense to do justice to this rising craze, especially if you want to explore this. Here are some tips to make your options easy.

Denim shorts and snug-fit shirt

Wearing a cowboy hat means you are someone who wants to enjoy yourself throughout the day without having to worry about burning up under the hot summer sun. One way to enhance your outfit with a classic preppy style is to slip in those mini denim shorts (ripped designs can look cool) with a tight-fit button-up shirt. When worn with sandals and a straw hat, it gives you a gorgeous look without much effort. You can keep your makeup as natural or nude as possible. Everyone around you will notice your modern country charm for sure.

Mini skirt and blouse 

To achieve a stylish look ideal for outdoor hangouts and indoor occasions, you can choose your white long sleeve pleated ruffles blouse with a pink mini pleated skirt or an overall denim dress. The overall denim dress will give off a more comfy and breezy feel, while the skirt is an apt outfit for playtime and lounging around. Do you enjoy feminine touches, but they have to be comfortable too? Why not combine a pair of nude heeled sandals to ensure maximum comfort? You may throw on a stylish cowboy hat and several boho-style accessories like necklaces and bracelets for added effect. When selecting your accessories, you can also pick a belt in silver material for a fashion statement. Or, even pewter can do the magic.

Blouse and jeans

If you’re looking for a cowboy-inspired look, try pairing a pleated blouse with jeans and a cowboy hat. This look is both stylish and comfortable, and it’s perfect for a day spent outdoors. Add a pair of boots or booties and some Western-inspired jewelry to complete the ensemble. A leather belt can also be a clever touch, keeping up with the spirit of such a dressing style. The blouse has to be a loose, billowy top with a high neckline and long sleeves. The jeans can be slim-fit, cropped at the ankle with a raw hem. Your hat can be leather edition with a slightly bigger brim up to three inches wide to help create a perfectly assembled look. So, are you game for this?

Denim jumpsuit and shirt

The denim jumpsuit is an excellent choice for those who want to channel their inner cowboy. The pink shirt and white cowboy hat can complete the look and make it perfect for any occasion. Whether you head to the rodeo or out for a night on the town, this outfit will turn heads. Girls like to wear their ankle boots with this to elevate their cowgirl fashion without leaving anything to imagination or anticipation. Everyone knows that nothing can match the aura of this ensemble more than this type of footwear, and even if you are not too happy with what boot you have in store, don’t worry. Your cowboy hat is there to steal the spotlight.

Fitted denim jacket and cowboy hat

Snug-fit denim jacket and cowboy hat are the perfect items to complete your cowboy fashion look. But this can be a better pick for the fall season. A denim jacket will keep you warm, and the fitted style will show off your figure. The cowboy hat will add a touch of country flair to your outfit and keep the sun out of your eyes. It will ensure you look cool and collected. Not everyone uses their denim jacket as a button-up shirt. However, the style goddess like you can give it a shot. When you wear it with your blue jeans, tuck in the shirt well. Doing so will define your curves. 

Skinny jeans and tank top 

There’s something about skinny jeans and a tank top that screams summertime. Add a cowboy hat to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for a perfect day in the sun. This combination will impress the onlookers whether you visit the beach or the rodeo. So grab your skinny jeans, tank top, and cowboy hat, and get ready for fun in the sun. Infusing a bit of bling wouldn’t hurt here. So you can wear your chunky belt that remained inside your closet for a long and some necklaces and bracelets.

The complete cowboy hat look can be nothing less than a trendy vibe. Hence, it makes sense to explore it.