Start a Profitable Digital Business with Gojek Clone App in 2022

gojek clone app
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Start a profitable business with the Gojek Clone app. The multi-service app is a blockbuster hit when it comes to providing 82+ on-demand services in one app. What? No surprise, this application can make you the owner of a multi-billion dollar company. How? The entrepreneur makes money via profit-centric business models plus other revenue streams. 

Let’s make money with on-demand multi-service apps! 

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Earn Attractive Profits with a Gojek Clone App 

The pre-built application has two profit-centric business models. One, earn commission per service, and two, membership subscription plans. Here are the details of the business models: 

1. Commission-based business model 

The service providers have to pay a commission on every service if they want to continue rendering their services via the digital platform. The commission rate is decided by the entrepreneur. It can vary depending on different services. For example, a 10% commission is charged from taxi drivers, a 12% commission from beauticians, etc.   

2. Membership subscription plans 

Subscription plans of the Gojek Clone app come with a time validity! Based on the time, each plan has a different price and features. The various membership plans available are: 

  • Monthly 
  • Bi-monthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Half-yearly 
  • Annual 

The service provider has to purchase the plan in order to start rendering their services. Once the plan reaches the expiration date, the providers stop receiving service requests. Therefore, the plan must be renewed on time! 

More Revenue Generation 

The on-demand multi-service app allows entrepreneurs to make more money apart from steady profits. How? There are three ways entrepreneurs generate more revenue: 

  • Surcharges 

Entrepreneurs can make more money on the Gojek Clone app via surcharges. A surcharge is an additional amount charged by the on-demand platform during peak hours. This charge is because of the high demand during the hour. Since the supply is low and demand is high, charges are applied. 

  • Cancellation charges 

Cancellation charges are imposed when the customer makes last-minute cancellation of the service. The charge may vary from service to service or can be fixed as well! 

  • In-app advertisements 

Third-party in-app advertisements are such a great way to make money. Here, the entrepreneurs earn income with every click of the ad. The earned amount is small but when calculated with the number of clicks in a day, the amount can be significantly high. 

For example, the pay per click is $3. Suppose in a day, you get 1000 clicks on the ad. How much will you earn a day? Your bank will be credited with $3000 every day and even more! 

In addition to earning profits and generating more revenue, the entrepreneur can easily save a handsome amount by not investing in building the app from scratch. Yes! You can save money by opting for a pre-built app solution

  • You don’t have to buy or rent office space. 
  • Don’t have to hire, train, or retain dedicated professionals. 
  • You need not pay monthly salaries to the employees. 
  • No need to invest in electronic assets, expensive licenses, etc. 

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In conclusion: 

Launch the Gojek Clone app and establish your profitable business in only 1 to 2 weeks. Schedule a meeting with the white-labeling firm sales representatives to know more about the product. Get a pre-built app white-labeled and start raking in millions in profit! 

Make money from day 1 you go live!

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