Growing Trend of Custom Rigid Boxes in 2022

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There has been a strong preference for rigid boxes in various industries for many years. With the boxes, any product can be given a touch of luxury. Before buying your product, we know that your packaging boxes will win the hearts of your customers. When faced with this specific situation, you know that you need to make a difference. Therefore, rigid custom boxes can be very helpful to you here. Why? What makes these boxes so popular? What are the current market trends in box design? Here’s the place to discuss it all!


A Rigid Box Can Serve As a Medium for Storytelling

There is a story behind every brand that its customers want to hear. As a result, modern customers would love to learn more about the brand they purchased their products from. Your brand will become more connected with them the more you expose it to them. The reason these boxes have remained popular to this day is exactly because of this. A box like this can be a perfect medium for telling a story. There is still a market trend that will appear and even be more widely implemented by a number of brands going forward. There is an obvious reason for this. Despite its rigidity, the material is appealing and durable. Customers will perceive your products to be of high quality when they see your boxes made of this material.

Boxes with Ornamental Designs That Are Luxurious

Packaging has become more popular with ornament designs over the past few years. In the same way, luxury boxes also comply with this rule. It will make your boxes look even more stunning and exclusive if you add beautiful ornament designs to them. The benefits of rigid boxes are not only for small businesses but also for big brands. This trend is being implemented by a number of food and cosmetic brands. Thus, we can be sure that this topic will remain relevant for a long time to come. There is a trend to polish boxes with gold or silver foiling. Your valuable products will look even more captivating if you display them properly.

Attractive Rigid Packaging Boxes Use Neutral Colors and Earth Tones

Boxes for rigid packaging are already beautiful. It is true that these boxes offer an impressive presentation to anyone who sees them. It is therefore not necessary to overcrowd the boxes in order to attract more potential customers. Consider using neutral colors and earthy tones instead. Your boxes will look more attractive with this lovely combination. Think about how happy customers will be when they receive colorful boxes packed with designs. Wouldn’t they love to explore your products more if they see your elegant boxes in soothing neutral colors and earth tones?

Presentable Rigid with Flat Illustrations

Unique and new products are always in demand by those customers. It is still their preference to see relaxing designs that won’t give them a headache or make them confused. Always keep your packaging simple in terms of design. Make your boxes look presentable by applying flat illustrations instead. These flat illustrations will help you present your products in a more professional manner. The application of this trend can increase your sales volume and promote your brand effectively.

Stylish Boxes in Unique Shapes

For custom packaging boxes, there are many shapes and styles to choose from. Adding a unique shape to your luxury boxes will make them more eye-catching. It can be seen that most boxes on the market have a square shape. Are there any possibilities for creating a unique shape? It is certain that this effort will further attract those customers.

Inspiring Layout for Rigid Packaging

Would you like to know what makes customers purchase your products? New customers, what about them? Your products are what makes them try them out, but what makes them stick with them? It depends on the packaging boxes you use for your products. The products that customers purchase are always those that they need. When they see your boxes, they will look at the details about your products first. It is more evocative to display in a balanced layout. It simply means that any description on the boxes should be written in a readable font style. The descriptions you provide on the boxes will be easier to read with stylish font styles. Ultimately, they will be able to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Rigid Packaging Boxes Benefit from Finishing Effects

Rigid materials already have an amazing texture. Nevertheless, rigid packaging boxes can be made even better. As an alternative, you can apply various finishing options to the boxes. The boxes have been turning heads for many brands. By only looking at the beautiful appearance of your boxes, you can make these customers fall in love with your products.

Make Your Custom Boxes High-Tech

The modern business world is one where innovation happens quickly. It’s the same with boxes, and it’s the same with packaging. You could integrate high-tech into your boxes to meet the market demand in this modern lifestyle.

Unboxing Videos Inspired By Rigid Packaging

The trend is likely to continue for many years to come. With YouTube’s abundance of unboxing videos, we can see how we have been spoilt. If the product packaging is unique, customers will love to record their unboxing experience. By adding personalization features to your rigid packaging box, you can make it more unique. The hangtag can be personalized with the name of your customer, for instance.

Continued Demand for Sustainable Custom Rigid Boxes

Packaging isn’t the only industry that promotes sustainability. Eco-friendly packaging boxes are becoming more popular as more brands follow this trend. In terms of eco-friendliness, rigid is among the packaging materials. Many brands will continue to adopt sustainable custom boxes. Additionally, those customers would appreciate eco-friendly boxes for their products. Your brand would also be perceived as trustworthy when you use environmentally friendly boxes.

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